7 type 'cutlery' enchanting the young of South Korea

Is one of the leading country in the cosmetic surgery industry, South Korea is where dream beauty even changed the life of many girls come true. A famous website of the country of kimchi recently the statistics type "cutlery" is Korean young age on, under the most popular 20.

Lee Hyori becomes sexy symbol after the cut eyelid and do some "cutlery".

Cut/hit the eyelid

Most of the South, South Korea tired both TU women surgery to change identity characteristics typical of Asian people: 1 lower eyelids eyes. According to estimates, every 5 women Seoul will ever do 2 eye plastic surgery eyelid.

Eyelid surgery

Trim the Chin Vline

Miss South Korea Lee Hye Won after Chin was much more delicate trim

Curly Chin Subhadra creates rush and change the perception of a lot of Asian countries. Many country girl kim chi determination save to change shape from plump to the sharp, pointed, even hoắt.

Do the eyes to over

Do eye surgery to more than

Big round eyes, innocence is also the desires of most Korean woman. This surgery may be performed simultaneously with the cut eyelid, so up to 90% of the customers asked to do bigger eyes parallel to cut the eye 2 eyelid.

Fix nose

Kim Nam Joo shows up looking beautiful after Rhinoplasty

For Koreans, the surgery for nose compact, life had become too familiar. Not hard to see the South Korean woman with a "Great West" like that on the street.

Forehead implant

A client before and after the forehead implant

This is a simple procedure only lasted 1 hour, in which, the doctor will insert an implant under the skin on the forehead to make your skin smooth and fine stretch higher forehead.

Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation

True to its name, this is hair transplant procedures of other people to the top of the customer. Many customers were innate or bald due to illness, old age has found a "Lifesaver" thanks to the progress of the Salon.

Porcelain crowns

Girls before and after porcelain crowns

To be more confident with the smile that shines, a lot of young of South Korea was already count of aesthetic doctors. Their teeth will be wrapped with a layer of white porcelain, have effect against bacteria and dull in a long time.=