7 ways to help reduce greasy skin

There is nothing more frustrating when looking in the mirror again saw a shiny face nhẫy. It happens to almost everyone at some point in time, even if you have dry skin. Fortunately, you can prevent oil and even acne skin oils cause. Here are some things to do when the skin is oily.

Wash your face and purge the page regularly

Most of us usually wash your face at least twice a day, after waking up and before going to bed.

Most of us usually wash your face at least twice a day, after waking up and before going to bed. With people having greasy skin should wash your face more than usual to get the feeling of dry skin is ventilated.

However should also not face too much will take away the natural oil on the skin causing the skin as possible to pour oil and water loss. So wash your face about three times daily (once in the afternoon) and use the eraser milk soothing page even without makeup before going to bed!

Try to gently clean the face when washing to avoid rubbing too hard. Soothing cleansing milk pages help you clean all the dirt and oil at the same time quickly escape the shiny face.

Drink lots of water

Drink plenty of water to help keep skin smooth and moisture limit the oil secretion.

Water is a good way to keep your skin healthy and adequate moisture, and it also helps in removing toxins from your body. If there is no water, the toxins will excrete through the pores of the skin, making you full of oil. Bring a bottle of water during the day and drink regularly to keep your skin healthy, full of moisture and not a little oil!

Use a dedicated oil skin cosmetics

There are some types of cosmetics have just skin nourishing, anti-aging oil control. The skin secretion of too much oil will reduce the effect of cosmetics. Nutrients in cosmetics are absorbed through the pores to prevent acne and other blemishes.  So should use cosmetics dedicated to oily or consult of doctor of Dermatology about the best product for your skin.

Oil blotting paper

Always carry your oil blotting paper is the fastest way to reduce the amount of excess oil.

With the skin of oil should carry oil blotting paper regularly in the purse or handbag. Currently in addition to the conventional paper oil repellent you easily find buy more paper thin chalk layers for page views. In addition, non-oil pastel paper helps the miles back in perfect makeup class. Oil blotting paper is cheap and easy to find, so it's a handy thing to bring along wherever you are.


You can not skip the step of his skin for moisturizing. If not you will get in trouble with many of the polished skin problems such as dry skin, acne and wrinkles wrap cracks. If not using the cream, dry skin more oily than will assemble. All the experts are all thought to have these products moisturize with specially formulated for oily skin.

Use clay masks

The da should offset the clay mask oil once a week.

Many makeup experts insisted want to reduce the amount of excess oil should use regular Clay mask. Clay helps to absorb excess oil and gives you bright radiant skin. However should not abuse this mask type. In the summer should up the clay mask once a week and combined with the type of face mask nourishes the skin such as yogurt, cucumber ...

Rational diet

Dining menu is decided in large part to the health condition of your skin. Therefore, when the skin has more oil signs too large you should pay attention to the menu. People who have oily skin should limit spicy foods, hot and a lot of sugar.

A healthy menu includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat and low-fat milk is the best food for people with oily skin. We also provide all the vitamins and minerals that keep your skin bright.

Vitamin B2 deficiency can also cause the skin to secrete more oil than normal, so you should use whole grains, beans and nuts in your menu.=


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