After eating the lip tattoo, what should you eat and abstain to have the lip color on your lips as expected

Things to know before tattooing your lips

Lip tattoo is a beauty procedure that is increasingly favored by women. It brings a lot of benefits, including:

- Help lips get fresh colors as desired, lips are no longer pale.

- Change the shape of lip contour; adjust and help lips balance, more evenly (eg too thin or too thick).

- Cover some scars, bruises on lips.

- Reduce the need to use lipstick, lip balm.

Depending on your goals and the beauty base you choose; Time to spray tattoo will be different; a few hours to a few days.

Before spraying your lip tattoo, you need to clean the skin around your lips; even shave or waxing. While spraying the lip tattoo, you will be given an injection of lip numbing; The effect of the drug may last for several days.

After the lip tattoo, your lips will swell slightly but after 1-2 days, it will soften. Sometimes bruises appear but it gradually disappears.

On average after about 3-6 days, the lips will light up; but after a few weeks, the color becomes stable and your lips will be completely normal, no longer swollen or painful.

What should I eat after lip tattoo?

For a few days after your lip tattoo, you need to take care of it carefully because now your lips are very vulnerable. It may also discolour, stain or damage the lip contour if you do not protect it.

In fact, there is no need to abstain too much, you just need to:

- Avoid spicy foods, salty foods, which will make the lips swell and become more dry.

- Enhance foods high in vitamin C, to strengthen the immune system, prevent infections in the lips.

- Also, you should note the following issues within 1 month after your lip tattoo:

- If the lips are painful, apply ice or cold towels to your lips for the first 4-5 hours after your lip tattoo.

- Don't peel off the skin on your lips, let it peel off. Whether itching or pain, do not scratch or rub.

- Wash your lips and face every day with normal water, then gently dry.

- Apply moisturizer, ointment to relieve itching, keep lips soft.

- Absolutely do not use lipstick for 1 week after spraying the lip tattoo.

- When going out on the street, sun protection is required by wearing a mask, recommended for 3-6 weeks after the lip tattoo.

- Avoid hot water and chlorinated water (in swimming pools) because they can blur lips and cause dry lips.

- It is also necessary to avoid swimming in lakes and seas because of easy infections.

- Avoid using acne medicines like Retin-A in lips or other beauty therapies such as microdermabrasion, acid peels; because they ruined the lip tattoo result earlier.

Hopefully, with the above information, you know more about the benefits of spraying lip tattoos and lip tattoos on a diet, what to eat, what to do to achieve the best beauty effect.