Awe-inspiring stories cut the toes to go for nice slippers

many women have taken the painful surgeries, miserable but not much effect, typical ' ' horror as ... cut the toes, surgery, cut the toe ...

After this Bepauline grossing share quite a lot on the personal page of the journey cut his toes:

"At that time, no feeling of pain, I hear his bones break, shrinkage. My toes are then worn in the week, two middle finger also deteriorated.

Or "Two middle finger left scarring but no stars at all, I was very confident when choosing shoes, go open shoes". Cut the toe surgery we have the "trend" in European countries, though be warned there's a very high risk of complications.

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The toe after being cut short to plug the iron handle to keep your finger straight.

In Vietnam, before many ever women's America foot the router in the world of show biz is "long fingers, pads ngoẵng tendon", even "thick" but after some time looking back at the toe of the not less stars in this beautiful slender numbers.

Not noisy style beauty as Western women, women Vietnam tight-lipped over the issue.

Ms. Nguyen Khanh, Domino silk store doors at Lane 10 hang Bong Street, hoan Kiem, Hanoi said: "my niece doing in the field of entertainment, there are also long legs finger ngoẵng.

It to "cry" with each person in the family, please help edit it back because that these toes which makes it "lose confidence, your brake".

On that day, not to make a lot of money so it's new to TThe people but now it's the stars, the more money it has paid back most of those who gave it to go cut short four toes. "

After 6 weeks, the niece of sister going to withdraw (no anesthesia) the hanger on the top of your toes hurt to swoon.

Nearly half a year this girl can't move and disappointed to think that dream of standing in the world of show biz in her permanently stopped.

Not just girl talk on that in quite a number of forums, many women own the toes "less aesthetics" also exchanged quite meticulous with the toe surgery.

Many people ever done this surgery then the advice sisters should not do because it's too awful and painful.

Foolish action dangerous

According to Dr. Nathan Lucas, has 15 years experience in foot surgery in Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America, each month there are about 30 women to his clinic requesting removal of the edit, reinforced toes, just to go the medium heels, Sandals for the beautiful or to "confidence".

This doctor sharing that, that's the thinking, acting very horrible. He doesn't get cut off anyone's toes unless forced to do so.

Deng Ming, Complete medical Salary left the clinic in eastern medicine, The Imperial City Perfect Essence, Hanoi claimed that:

"The surgery cut short the toe bones just for beauty is the downright foolish and dangerous. Because it can cause many complications such as paralysis, gangrene, d. feelings... ".

By, according to Allied medical Salaries, the foot is where the blood vessels, muscles and the nerves, the blood spots related to the organs in the body.

May said the foot is the root of the body because it is the body's mobile rack. Pressure foot and work at most, if the impact on them will influence to human health .

Science has also pointed out that in each of the legs to about 7000 extremities and has the relevance between the reflex areas in the feet with the organs of the body.

In addition, sometimes the feet also has important continental sausage coating, affect human health.

Impact it accidentally cause harm to the body, especially for the surgery not be like Italy, who made a lifetime sequelae can be, even die.

Accordingly, the sisters lack the confidence with his toes should consider very carefully before making a decision, to avoid the situation of "money", toes still can not even beautiful go bad.

Must get by the buttocks when moving

"It is to Thailand for surgery that day, I went along to see the trade. The excess bone cut stitches chịt, the thick metal hooks are inserted into the toes to keep it straight.

These days, want to move it to limp by the butt, it said the pain to want to die. Look also find painful, although pain relievers but feeling the pain too terrible to not cut off.

Most are available at negligence, pain relievers off the effectsof the new pill, it's so painful "

(Mrs. Qingzhi describes the pain of her granddaughter after she cut the toes).=

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