Beauty salon North Asia-representatives of the Top 10 best service 2015

On 13/9, the Vietnam Union of scientific entrepreneurs celebrated announced 500 best Vietnam service products by 2015. Is one of the young entrepreneurs but North Asia salon-in can tho city honored the Top 10 services, culture, good entertainment because the consumer vote.

This is a program to investigate the market, noting the opinion of consumers in order to honor the credit products and services. The program contribute to motivation and strong competitive position for business on the market in the integration period.

Launch best products and services 500 Vietnam 2015

Market surveys conducted in eight months with the cooperation of the science institutes and prestigious universities in order to ensure the accuracy, credibility and objectivity.

More than 10 thousand survey was implemented in four major consumption Center for the whole country as Hanoi, HO CHI MINH CITY. MINH CITY, Da Nang, can tho. The assessment of consumers based on 5 criteria: brand; The quality; The price; Distribution and customer service. So, want to be a comprehensive review, brands must have coverage and prestige on the country market.

Outside reviews of NTD, products also undergo the strict review on 7 criteria related to the law.

The results are finally determined through evaluation board composed of experts invited from industry, the Ministry of science and technology, Vietnam intellectual Society, international intellectual property Institute; International Management Institute, Institute of Vietnam consistent quality standards, the Food Institute of Vietnam.

Trophy and certificate Top 10 best service product PH 2015

Standing next to the big names on the market of products and services, beauty salon North Asia is set to be born after the late laying. However with the explore scientific research of young director Pham Minh Tiến-Owned pharmacist pharmacist association's prestigious United States, Northern Asia has risen to become one of the most reliable representation are the United States, South Korea choose to cooperate, the transfer of more advanced technology.

              Pham Minh TRUONG Huu Tien (left) and dermatologist Korea

One of the reasons convince help North Asia brand in the Top 10 is equipped with machines and technology of modern beauty, was transferred from the hospital specialized in dermatology world.

Before the name in the list of top 10, North Asia Salon has many training workshops, expert knowledge to colleagues with the aim of sharing experience and learning technologies are from abroad.

North Asia pull skin care skills training

Currently, North Asia is the leading technology base skin just because the pharmacist Owner Pham Minh Tien personally researched and implemented.

Skin care services in TMV North Asia

Abdominal muscles by lifting only

Lift the engine using only

To play the leading role in technology transfer, North Asia regularly send aesthetician go intensive training in foreign and international certification.

At the same time, monthly Salon North Asia also hold consultations with the direct involvement of specialists, doctors from the United States, South Korea will diagnose and counseling for clients.

To customer trust vote for the Top 10 best services Vietnam products, beauty salon North Asia has held events in White Gala Daiamond Palace-Tho with the participation of numerous customers.

Seamless model join White Gala

The event has great resonates when the first Gala is chon tone white do highlight, drag the sync in evening dresses of all invited guests.

In addition, with the thorough investment scenarios; repertoire fashionmusic in banquet, white has left a deep impression in the guest and once again insisted on the in-class beauty services, toward the aesthetic of Asian Doctor. Banquet Institute has created a new culture in can tho city, about the Organization of the event to attract the public. Beauty salon North Asia-Trade-body-116B of Xuan Khanh Ward-can tho city.Hotline: 0981 101 606Website: =


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