Extreme mode help reduce 32 kg after Maya b.

' film actress Scandal ' emphasized, the will, the determination is an important factor for women in the process of weight loss., Maya, Scandal, ...

Meet Maya in the new film, written by surprise before the beauty of that salty, charming, especially the slender-bodied, neat female actor has just welcomed baby first half-year is not full Bhikkhu. Before praise reminiscent of the opposite, Maya laughed: "You meet me at pregnant then not imagine where, certainly not those who gain weight like the terrible".

Maya share, when pregnant the first Princess, her special attention to diet, nutrition. The beauty of eating quality over quantity, limited starch and positive eating green vegetables, shrimp, crab, fish, beef ... However, because of the easy fat, Maya still gain weight very fast. Before the birth, she rises up to 30 kg, while her usual vote rising from 12 to 20 kg.

"I also feel strange with the body and dare not out on the street with a circular fuselage spinning like that," Maya Center.

After birth by the method of laying, Maya not much milk. She parenting by a mother's milk is a month and start weight loss regime tough.

"Every day, I go to gym gym 2 ca, each ca, I practice constantly until the air has been reduced 800 calories. To reduce the average 1600 calories I am new stops. I work constantly with high intensity like that within 4 months"-Maya reveals plan to practice.

Picture 1 of Extreme mode help reduce 32 kg after Maya b.

Maya shared, she increased the 30 kg when pregnant daughter and we've reduced 32 kg. Photo: NVCC

1600 calories per day to lose the simple fantasy but reality should have high intent, Maya always remind ourselves, must lose weight to meet the audience and get that goal to strive for. "The determination is an important factor for every women when losing weight. You are right that it is the destination and the determination to achieve, "she shares.

About the diet, actress Scandal revealed, the first time after the birth, she often eat lean meat, vegetables sweet. However, after 30 days of abstinence, male singers started to not eat carbs, eat only pork, beef, chicken, seafood and lots of green vegetables. Each day, the additional beauty to the body about 4-5 cups assorted fruit Smoothie to ensure nutrition.

After 4 months, the Maya have done the seemingly impossible is off 32 kg. However, the actress shared, she is still not completely satisfied with the present stature. Next time, will continue to maintain the gym and science diet, moderation to own body such as Italy.=

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