Harry Lu - America has the most cosmetic surgery showbiz but is always supported

Actor Harry Lu, whose real name is Lu Chin Yu, is a native of Taiwan who currently lives and works in Vietnam. He is fluent in Vietnamese and also speaks English very well. With an ideal height of 1m83 and a handsome face, Harry Lu is making many Vietnamese female audience suffer.

However, going to Taiwan for a time, the male god suddenly shocked with the strange face, the line is no longer as elegant as before. Many people believe that he has cosmetic intervention and thinks that he is a victim of cosmetic surgery disaster.

2 years ago, 4 years movie, 2 guys, 1 love by Harry Lu took on the lead role created the effect. When Harry was overpowered to win, in February 2017, Harry Lu unfortunately had a motorbike accident which led to a broken nose. He was taken back to Taiwan for treatment by his family. "Hot boy of Taiwan" had to resort to aesthetic, underwent 20 surgeries and now has a different face than before.

The Taiwanese guy once had the best beauty, ten thousand people love.

Suddenly one day, Harry Lu shocked with beauty before and after plastic surgery. The nose was deflected, the contours of the face were no longer as delicate as the day.

After receiving many beautiful comments, Harry Lu warmed the audience when he improved his beauty. The current image is no longer as shimmering as it used to be, but it still makes many female hearts have to beat.

At an angle, Harry Lu is still very attractive.

He admitted to having terrible psychological pressure when he heard the comments and scrutiny of the audience about his new face. There was a time when he did not dare to meet his manager and relatives. 'Now my face is nearly 90% complete and I am satisfied with my current appearance,' he said.

Back in showbiz lately, many artist colleagues and audiences are relieved that Harry Lu is still in the same manner. And, finally, what the most anticipated audience has come, Harry Lu has returned to the big screen in Luk Van's second movie, "It's Great to be with You".

Harry Lu impressed the Vietnamese audience with a baby appearance, handsome face. He used to appear in films like Idol . He also appeared in the main character of a popular movie 'Flavor' and a movie 'Return 3' by director - Vietnamese actor Trinh. Harry Lu's performance has also received positive reviews, he is gradually building his image as a true actor, not a hot boy image.


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