Huyen Phi Cosmetics celebrates the year-end gratitude system

On December 22, 2019, the Platinum Night banquet - 3 years 1 way by the solemn Huyen Phi Cosmetics brand to organize the event of gratitude for the system of distributors and agents nationwide for accompanying Huyen Phi Cosmetics during the past time with monumental scale and class.

Huyen Phi cosmetics is known for its whitening care products with natural extracts. Healthy - Safe - Effective is the criterion for all products. From the earliest days of establishment of the company to the present, Huyen Phi is proud to be one of the leading companies specializing in manufacturing and supplying reputable and high quality cosmetics in Vietnam.

The gratitude banquet for the whole system was held very majestic and solemnly with the presence of General Director Hoang Van Hung, CEO Hoang Phi Huyen, Training Expert Nguyen Tat Kiem, Training Expert Nguyen Manh Linh, Nhat Phong singer and 500 NNP of Huyen Phi system. This is a large-scale event, carefully organized by Huyen Phi Brand in gratitude to the distributors and agents who have accompanied the company in the past 3 years.

After 3 years of operation with the efforts of all the warriors to help the company grow stronger with more than 8000 distributors, agents and branches at home and abroad. With the motto 'Customers are God - Send full confidence', Huyen Phi Cosmetic Co., Ltd. has manufactured and provided quality, safe products that meet international standards and are licensed by the Ministry of Health. , reasonable prices and the best customer service to meet the needs of improving the natural beauty of women.

It can be said that in the past year Huyen Phi Cosmetics has achieved many successes not only in terms of sales, developing the system widely at home and abroad. Huyen Phi Cosmetic Co., Ltd also affirms its success through strong system building strategies.

In the splendid and overwhelmed space of the event, CEO Hoang Phi Huyen shared sincere words with the guests and his entire system: 'The happiness of Huyen himself is when everything goes to the fund. director, the quality of the product as well as the amount of product consumed quite stable, the number of customers, distributors, agents is growing and what I like, the most proud of the sisters who follow Huyen and trust Huyen Phi now has a high income, stable life and becoming more and more beautiful. This urged Huyen to believe more in her own way. '

Huyen Phi Cosmetics under the leadership of CEO Hoang Van Hung and CEO Hoang Phi Huyen with his enthusiasm, the two leaders shared with all members of the system of in-depth knowledge about the field and knowledge. product knowledge and sales skills. Huyen Phi Cosmetic Co., Ltd is willing to invest in the system and invite experts to teach, train, update knowledge and modern business trends.

The event 'PLATINUM NIGHT _ 3 YEARS ON ONE-TIME TRIP' is carefully prepared in all aspects, not only a luxurious and classy space but also expressing the spirit of fire of Huyen Phi Cosmetics system.

At the event, CEO Hoang Phi Huyen thanked the great efforts of distributors, agents as well as all members across the country during the past 3 years who have accompanied Huyen Phi Cosmetics. The success of distributors has contributed greatly to the success of Huyen Phi natural cosmetic brand.

In the lively atmosphere of the event is the grateful singing of young Japanese singer Nhat Phong.

Also at the event, CEO Hoang Phi Huyen and CEO Hoang Van Hung presented honor awards to the best distributors in 2019.

Radiant face and friendly handshake between management and excellent distributors.

At the end of the event, all were filled with joy and strong spirit to be ready to fight business in the coming 2020. The leaders took photos together to save the memorable moments and memories of this event.

The systemic gratitude banquet this time created a milestone of strategic importance, confirming the success of Huyen Phi Cosmetics system in the development stage and getting ready for the next 'booming' periods. follow. Promising 2020 will be a milestone marking the turning point of Huyen Phi natural cosmetics before the goal of developing into an international brand.



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