If you think about Botox injections, you must consider the following 4 things

Understand what your skin is and what your botox purpose is

Ask yourself a question: What is the purpose of your botox injection? You just rely on this method to look young and beautiful for the upcoming special event? Or just a way to prevent wrinkles from appearing? Or you want to look younger than the U40 age .

And yet, even in a consultation appointment with doctors, you should share your skin first, including the problems that are encountered, the products you are using and whether you are happy with them. or not . all will become important data for doctors to help you decide on the location of botox injections, dosage, and ultimately make sure your botox injection is successful.

Some food and medicine should be avoided before taking the course

Most people who are familiar with botox and filler procedures know that drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen should be avoided before injecting, because these drugs interfere with blood clots and increase the risk of bruising if the needle hits a blood vessel. . However, Manhattanrz dermatologist Patricia Wexler has a long list of products to avoid, including some seemingly harmless dishes.

'No fish oil, synthetic vitamins, green tea, cinnamon, ginger and red wine a week before treatment,' she said. 'Most antioxidants can thin blood vessels and dilute blood'. Ask your doctor at least two weeks in advance for a complete list of what to avoid before the procedure.

Your expectation will determine somewhat to the frequency of botox injections

There is a fact, botox injection is only a temporary cosmetic procedure, your youthful face will be maintained in about 3-6 months; After that, you can choose to continue injecting botox. And to determine the frequency of botox injections, you also need to understand your expectations.

According to expert Lisa Goodman: "If you only want to look younger, radiant than the current version, the frequency of 2-3 botox injections per year is fine. If you expect that you can stop it too much. The aging process of the skin, the frequency of 5 - 6 botox injections per year, plus methods such as laser, micro needle rolling or peeling skin will be very helpful " .

Bruises can dissolve themselves

Neurotoxins often require smaller needles and are usually injected more superficially on the skin surface than fillers, but any type of needle has the ability to touch blood vessels, bleed under the skin and form a bad bruise. toilet.

Many dermatologists, including Hale's, provide a free vascular laser treatment the next day, decomposing blood clots into small particles, significantly reducing bruising within 24 hours.'You should ask if your doctor did this procedure,' Hale said.


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