Korean professor John Hwang - Witch's hand in cosmetology

Professor John Hwang - The man who is known as the Asian aesthetic master fever for thousands of women.

The person behind the beauty of T'ara group member

In 1991, after graduating from Seoul Medical University, Dr. John Hwang officially entered the beauty industry. My hard years working at prestigious hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in Korea and Vietnam have made me a Dr. John Hwang is talented, a 'golden hand' in beauty industry.

With the profession he has pursued, he has been honored to receive many proud awards, including the 2006 Golden PTTM Golden Hand Award, the Research Prize and the invention of the most modern rejuvenation technology today. now - Diamond 2-way funnel, Korean Beauty Industry Award 2014….

Every year, thousands of customers come to Dr. John Hwang for advice and beauty including many famous artists and stars.

Professor John Hwang has the concept of 'Living with Mind is new to having Games' so in business and in life John Hwang always put the word Tam first. Many customers have come to the professor with absolute confidence. And because of this attraction, Keangnam Korea Beauty Institute has become the "place to dream, place to go to" of a large number of domestic and international women.

Currently, every year Professor John Hwang received thousands of customers who came to book a consultation and beauty reservation. It is also the professor who is behind the beauty of Korean stars such as Choi Ji Wook, Lee Wa, Kim Bok Soon, Park So Joen (T'ara member) . It is no exaggeration to say that, John Hwang is considered a powerful and influential person in Asian beauty and aesthetics.

In addition to cherishing the beauty of women, the professor also spends a lot of time writing books about his field. Currently, he has published dozens of books on medical cosmetology, including ones that are very popular in Korea like 'Talmonde, how to grow hair? series 1-3 best seller in Korea ', Hair clinic .

Professor John Hwang chose Vietnam as a "stop" and Keangnam Korea Beauty Institute is the "ideal home" for the professor to show his innate talent.

Choose Keangnam Korea as a place to stop, making the impossible possible

Nearly 20 years of attachment, dedication to dermatology and plastic surgery, with his "magic hand", Dr. John Hwang has a proud place in Korea and many countries in Asia. However, currently, the professor has chosen Vietnam as a "stop" and the Keangnam Beauty Institute Korea is the "ideal home" for the professor to show his innate talent.

Keangnam Korea Beauty Institute is the "ideal home" for Professor John Hwang professor to show his innate talent.

Share with us, John Hwang said that he chose Keangnam Korea Beauty Institute as the difference that few beauty salons in Vietnam have.

According to Professor Hwang, Keangnam Korea Beauty Institute is world-class, providing a good service experience for all customers. In addition, the technicians at Keangnam Korea are all well-trained. Not only that, every specialist at Keangnam Korea has a lot of practical, dynamic, creative, serious and careful experience in order to bring satisfaction to the majority of customers.

In particular, the exclusive technology available only in Keangnam Korea is the Diamond 2-way funnel implant researched and invented by Dr. John's Group. Inheriting all the advantages of the thread implantation method, which Dr. John's Group researches and innovates 10 times beyond normal, can stimulate collagen and elastin production, increase elasticity and restore skin from within.

In addition, this technology also creates a support frame to stretch and flatten the skin, helping skin revitalize tension, shine and smoothness and push up the sagging chin area, stretching loose skin in the neck. This technology will take shape and dissipate within 2 to 3 months, so it can be done with other rejuvenation and wrinkle removal technologies.

Beauty abroad is not necessary!

Talking about the Vietnamese beauty market, Professor John Hwang shared: 'Vietnamese and Koreans both love beauty. Vietnamese doctors and aesthetic technicians are eager to learn before beauty techniques, new techniques, advanced beauty technologies. Therefore, I believe that in a short time, Vietnam's aesthetic industry will develop as strongly as Korea now '.

According to Dr. John Hwang, Vietnamese cosmetic industry now fully meets the beauty needs of customers.

According to Dr. John Hwang, the fact that many people choose to go abroad for beauty while in Vietnam completely have quality TMV, the team of skilled doctors is completely wasteful.

'Currently, most prestigious estheticians in Vietnam update the latest technologies of developed countries in the world for beauty industry such as the US, France, Spain, South Korea, . In addition, there are many Vietnamese doctors who have been trained abroad, who are very well trained, besides highly skilled and experienced foreign doctors are invited to large beauty facilities.

I think it is not necessary for you to go abroad for beauty, the quality is the same but the cost abroad is quite high. Because in addition to beauty, you also have to spend a lot for travel, accommodation. Even, those costs are more expensive than the costs you make beautiful, 'Professor John Hwang shared.

Dr. awards John Hwang

+ The 2006 Golden Hand PTTM Award was awarded by Paik General Hospital

+ Research and invent the most modern rejuvenation technology today - Diamond only 2-way funnel

+ Korean Beauty Industry Award 2014 was awarded by Seoul Plastic Surgery

+ The leading brand and industry award in 2015 was awarded by Hankook Ilbo

+ 2016 Best CSI Technology and Product Award of Korea in 2016, awarded by jenje Business