Launching ceremony of the famous Korean Beauty Salon brand ETOILE DE SEOUL in Vietnam

Etoile de seoul Group was established in 2005 with its Head Office at 87-8 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-956, Korea. Over 15 years of operation, affirming the value and brand in Korea. Etoile de seoul is expanding its market to regions around the world, such as Japan, Sing, Korea, Germany, China, Thailand, . and now has come to Vietnam.

Etoile de seoul Vietnam was born, with its head office located at 137 Nguyen Van Troi, Mo Lao, Ha Dong, Hanoi . Etoile de seoul Vietnam has a mission of 'Enhancing the level of Vietnamese beauty', with operating criteria: 'Put the prestige on the top - take the customer as the center - gather the quintessential people to bring Efficient safety for customers to create success and reputation for etoile de seoul '.

At the launching ceremony, Ms. Park Yeon Joo - Director of the Beauty Salon etoile de seoul , representative of Korean brand, opened the event.

In the launching ceremony, in order to help customers experience and better understand beauty services at etoile de seoul , the program has talkshow to exchange between customers and leading cosmetic experts and doctors in Korea. . The talkshow was paid attention, attention and enthusiastic response.

Guests attending the event include: Runner My Huyen, actress Ngoc Quynh, Miss Truc Diem (Tourism Ambassador of Gangwon Do), Luna (member of the famous f (x) group of Korea), Bui Hang (top 5 Miss Universe Vietnam), Ngoc Nu (Miss Vietnam Photos), Hoang Hai Thu (Miss World's most favorite beauty), Vu Huong Giang (Miss Photo 2017, top 20 Miss Viet) South 2018), Huyen Trang (jewelry runner) .

At the event, customers enjoyed the very special art performances of the singers: Singer Diva Hong Nhung, overseas singer Minh Tuyet, dance artist Linh Nga with spectacular dance repertoire staged. built by an Asia event planner.

Etoile de seoul aims to become the No. 1 Asian beauty field, in the future, the Institute wishes to go further in etoile de seoul cosmetic industry to the world.

Director Park Yeon Joo and singer Luna - f (x)

Etoile de seoul is committed to applying methods of combining safe beauty products to all customers. With modern facilities, Korean standards, and a team of leading doctors and experts in the field of cosmetology in Korea and countries such as Germany, Japan, Singapore, ., customers will feel the efficiency clearly. significantly after beautifying at etoile de seoul , while ensuring privacy and privacy for each customer. Etoile de seoul will always be a safe and reliable place for millions of customers worldwide.