Male aesthetic star: A failure of a woman, a person who has a beauty

* Aesthetic cases fail

Nguyen Khang

Nguyen Khang is one of the most concerned male MCs today, not only because he is a familiar face in many TV shows but also because of the questions about Nguyen Khang's beauty editing.

Instead of the big nose, the nose of a raft, he now has a neat and straight nose. His trademark eyelid eyes are also replaced by distinct double-eyelid eyes.

Some remarks said that swollen double-eyelid eyes such as pressing bugs make his face stiff and unnatural.

Luong Bang Quang

For a while without seeing at the events, Luong Bang Quang returned to a noisy affair and then went public with plastic surgery. At the age of 40, Luong Bang Quang "plays big" by spending about 100 million to roll the nose, wrap cartilage and cut the eyelid aesthetic.

The first time I hit the knife with 4 surgeries, Luong Bang Quang's face met many conflicting opinions. After the major surgery, many people admired his molting. It's worth it to spend 100 million with a face like a male god.

However, the reality is rather bad, Luong Bang Quang's male face is due to photoshop, his face is rough with rough lines but not as beautiful as in the imagination of the public.


With Erik's case, it seems that the male singer is using an aesthetic too much. At the moment Erik is constantly appearing with a long, sharp face, sharp, cool eyes, not the friendly manliness like before.

Erik's face has many differences compared to 3 years before joining showbiz. The most obvious change is that the face is sharper, sharper, nose bridge is much higher than before.

Compared to the time of operation, at the present time, many times Erik was remarked with a forced expression, hard face, looking like a girl when she was constantly wearing bold makeup.

Soobin Hoang Son

Soobin Hoang Son, who has a gentle and somewhat gentle face, is not outside the list of male beauty stars of Vbiz. Constantly appearing with an increasingly different face, because the pointed chin is somewhat lacking in nature, Soobin Hoang Son makes many people believe that male singers have asked for aesthetic intervention to "restore" the appearance.

Soobin Hoang Son constantly appeared with an increasingly different face, the sharp chin had a lack of natural changes markedly over time.

The singer's chin was sharper, his nose was slim and his eyes were less dull than before. Obviously, this difference is only due to aesthetics, but as simple as the shared guy is not convincing at all.

Hoang Ton

Hoang Ton used to make fans worry when sharing broken plastic surgery by seeing a doctor without a heart. Specifically, the part of his nose was deformed after surgery.

Hoang Ton's face previously had a rough nose, a large face, and narrow eyes, a short chin as well as a face that was not slim. He relied on aesthetic to improve his beauty, but the results were not as expected. His nose sometimes even swelled, red, and his face was stiff.

Fortunately at the present time, seeing Hoang Ton's face less stiff, the nose is less swollen, but the male singer is still not appreciated for post-aesthetic appearance.

* Successful aesthetic cases

Duc Phuc

Duc Phuc is one of the best beauty cases by the most stunning aesthetic in Vbiz and this is also the most successful case among male stars who choose to manipulate cutlery to edit their faces.

Duc Phuc seemed to turn into another human after surgery. Being from a self-deprecating person, Duc Phuc became a Korean-style singer with an elegant and neat face, not as big as before.

Duc Phuc's surgery is exactly "beating the face" to go over completely, from teeth, mouths, nose, chin . all are corrected to be slimmer, softer than before. If there is no such major surgery, surely Duc Phuc will not be able to float like it is now.

Tran Thanh

Famous for his "comedy" face, bright smile and linguistic guide, however, this MC still has a point that is not completely confident in public, and that is probably the nose. However, when comparing the previous images with the latest appearances, Tran Thanh's nose had a marked "transformation".

In addition to successful weight loss, the nose has been modified to help the actor "eat" and be more pronounced than before.

Quoc Thien

National beauty is one of the rare male stars to acknowledge the beauty of their beauty. He admitted that he listened to the feng shui master so he fixed his nose to change the number, but it seems that Quoc Thien not only fixes each nose.

Quoc Thien admits the nose repair but his face is different from the day when he was crowned Vietnam Idol. At that time, Quoc Thien possessed thick lips, a high nose bridge but a little big, eyes that were puffed out in the eyes and eyes, so they looked quite small. And now is a completely different Kingdom.

The current beauty of Quoc Thien must be said to be another level with a slim nose bridge, sharper eyes, and no more thick lips.


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