Risk when self-liposuction beauty pump

(MissNews)-in the field of general medicine and surgery in particular, too, there's always the risk of affecting health safety, aesthetics, beauty, liposuction, ...

With the self-liposuction pump case to beauty is a long technical world. In recent years, with the development of the application of fat stem cells, then this technique is increasingly being applied extensively in cosmetic surgery since is considered quite safe if training to be aesthetic and technical process compliance. South Korea is emerging as a leading country in the world for cosmetic surgery is also the place where commonly used beauty by pumping grease.

In the us, beauty by pumping grease in themselves also being widely applied. Technically, a request need fat to be sucked from the places that contain more fat as the belly, buttocks, thighs, then handled filtered to pump back the body region should increase the volume for the sake of beauty such as increased breast size, butt; offset the physical indentations due to scarring; filling the wrinkles in the face, the lips cheeks Chin correcting as you like ...

To have high aesthetic results and safe for the patient, who made the technique required to comply with certain conditions: the surgeon must be trained, must have sufficient dedicated devices and must be done in sterile conditions. Despite being fairly common usage, but pumping the liposuction is not a simple technical and harmless, which also has a lot of risk must be very aware and cautious when conducting.

Photo : Risk when self-liposuction beauty pump

Risk when self-liposuction beauty pump Grease pump itself to beauty is always the risk of affecting health safety. Photo illustrations

Complications liposuction beauty itself

Accidents can encounter in this technique are:

Complications due to numbness, anaesthesia drugs reactions (anaphylaxis).

Pulmonary artery embolism due to FAT (fat embolism treating pulmonary)

Pleural punctures caused by errors of manipulation when fat breast pump.

There are 3 possible lethal hazard when grease pump. There is also the hazard and other complications but often less danger to life that is mostly difficult, complicated for the treatment process and reduce the aesthetic effect as infection, gangrene, distortion where liposuction or where the grease ...

Prevent complications of cosmetic surgery

To prevent accidents, limit the risks and effective timely when the incident occurred, when performing liposuction pump techniques, both patient and physician needs to do well the following requirements:

To the doctors and medical staff:

Practice to have the Agency's license management and only made the techniques within the scope of the provisions of the license.

Though done in place is allowed, you have to be very careful, thoughtful, thorough training to technical mastery and proficiency skills. According to the regulation, though licensed plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery clinics have also been doing some tricks by anesthesia as cut nose, eyelids ... and not do liposuction techniques, grease. Compliance with correct technical procedures to limit the risk. fat beauty techniques in General and in particular breast fat pump must be conducted in a sterile environment with the specialized equipment and only pump a volume appropriate to ensure safety.

When accidents occur, to concentrate the highest priority for emergency patients, enlisting professional support from colleagues and the Hospital where the closest. The American Professor Paul Renault and Rolling Daniel are the leading experts in the world of cosmetic surgery has given the criteria for a good cosmetic surgery Center in which a criterion is selected in position near the hospital to get quick professional support when needed.

To the patient:

To determine the correctness of engine when in need of cosmetic surgery in General, fat beauty and the pump must be with the doctors to determine the job is really necessary.

Surgery is always the last resort after all other non-surgical beauty has been applied which not yet satisfactory.

Have to cross check on the career site, search on the media and the relationships to know the necessary information on professional qualifications, professional experience, about the process of professional training, licensure and on both of the person's mental attitude cosmetic doctor that I want to do. Through communication, the doctor gives you more confidence making you assured for is the person who gives you the most satisfaction.

After choosing your doctor then another factor is also very important is the choice of the medical facility that I will to do. That must be the basis of allowed cosmetic surgery and have full surgical equipment and emergencies along with medical staff anaesthesia resuscitation and post-operative care professional and conscientious.

That is what factors contribute to ensure an aesthetic surgery has the highest likelihood of success both in terms of aesthetic results, safety and health.