Siam Thailand Beauty Salon is located in the complex of Ha Thanh General Hospital

Modern beauty technology, where many beautiful people, actors come to renovate beauty, . Siam Thailand Beauty Salon is gradually asserting its name in the beauty industry. Siam Thailand Beauty Salon cooperates with Ha Thanh Hospital to perform in many fields of cosmetic activities such as: Body, face, but leads in 2 suction services such as Au-hybrid endoscopic breast augmentation and liposuction Body Jet.

Au-hybrid breakthrough breast augmentation solution

Siam Thailand Beauty Salon is a pioneer in the application of combining silicone breast implants and autologous fat implants in breast augmentation called Au-hybrid. This solution offers outstanding advantages in creating soft, natural, regular and durable breast for up to 20 years for customers.

Au-hybrid method uses modern breast bags such as Mentor, Nano Chip, Nano Chip Ergonomic, with a capacity of 50-70 ml smaller than conventional breast bags, reducing weight on the chest. The implant fills the hollow areas on the chest, creating a slit to become more attractive.

Au-hybrid endoscopic breast augmentation technology

Grafting the fat around the breast pocket also overcome the disadvantages that the old method of breast augmentation entailed such as fiber bag, exposing the bag, late prolapse. In this method, the doctor will remove excess fat from the abdomen to implant into the chest to create a full tension and reach the desired size.

Au-hybrid has brought a new breakthrough in the beauty industry about breast augmentation, so over time, it has attracted many actors and beauties.

Body Jet liposuction technology

Currently, Siam Thailand Beauty Institute is also a pioneer in applying Body Jet liposuction technology imported directly from Germany into body aesthetics. Body Jet has achieved international certifications such as: FDA of US Food and Drug Administration; CE (European safety standards); ISO 13485 (International certification of safety management for medical products).

Body Jet liposuction technology

Mechanism of action of Body Jet technology in the form of water jet. Water jets containing anesthetic solution are sprayed out in the form of fan-shaped mist on one end of the suction rod to liquefy the fat. At the same time, fat is drawn in parallel by the second nozzle on the suction stick to limit the amount of anesthetic stored in the body. Therefore, shortening the time to ensure safety and the rate of live fat drawn above 80% can be used for re-implanting on the face, chest,….

The system of closed body fat liposuction process includes: Collector III closed fat filter technology of Germany to filter fat, big fat cells; Elmi centrifuge technology of the US; Technology of anti-embolism in Veno flow Elite S surgery in the US ensures safety in surgery.

With 3 outstanding advantages such as: Fast performance, fast recovery and no scars. Body Jet technology has completely overcome the disadvantages that previous liposuction techniques such as invasive, damaging, leaving scars, .

Owning a team of leading doctors

The activities of Siam Thailand Beauty Salon are all attractive, because in addition to being a leader in modern beauty technology, it also has a team of leading and skilled doctors. All doctors and nurses are certified by the Ministry of Health and trainees in countries such as Thailand and Germany, etc.Especially, they have the operation license of Siam Thailand Beauty Salon when they have to undergo rigorous selection. slot.

Highly specialized team of doctors.

For the team of physicians in charge of liposuction, Body Jet has at least 1.5 years of experience in liposuction surgery. Trained, exposed to fat cases and undergo at least 500 practice cases with leading doctors, experts in the field of liposuction. In particular, areas such as the hands or thighs of doctors must undergo at least 02 years of experience because these are the suction areas that can easily cause concave protrusions if the doctor is inexperienced.

For a team of Au-hybrid breast augmentation surgeons or face beauticians, they must have at least 2 years of experience in performing laparoscopic surgery or orthopedic surgery. In addition, the team of doctors must also be people with expertise in aesthetics, a timely grasp of technology and beauty trends.

The aesthetic activities of Siam Thailand Beauty Salon are based on the operation license of Ha Thanh Hospital and Emcas Hospital to perform. Therefore, the environment and medical standards in surgery are always guaranteed to be safe and reliable.