Stir about white skin helps sperm God speed

(MissNews)-sold for 900,000 Dong a bottle with 60% is ... cow sperm and sperm 2% of people, the more lather as white does have reliable?, the sperm, ...

"The Prince of serum, lather up to osmosis!"

With beauty trends do not stop today, many women are also willing to spend a large amount of money, even apply every measure beauty if the "hint" or reference .

Recently, on a number of network appeared information about a type of serum used to obliterate the body has the effect of skin whitening "miracle". With the words fly, on your personal page, a girl at the same time as the online cosmetics shop in Hanoi were peddling products with the introduction of origin from Thailand, "as white as balm".

According to the ad, the type of this serum has quite the pretty name is "serum Prince". The seller assigns to it the "Holy serum" by according to the home shop, this serum type fixes a lot of disadvantages of white batter ice cream. Not only has the use, type this serum is also absolutely easy to use, no need for extra cream, can be used for both , "obliterate to osmosis there." And yet, this also is a special serum should not be matted to stick out the clothes.

But the kind of special serum are doing this are the wind-rain components have an extract from ... the sperm. According to the introduction of cosmetic sellers online, due to capture the effect of the white skin and rejuvenates skin's viable sperm, the cosmetics manufacturer from Thailand gave birth blood products into the Prince. In 60% of the components is bovine sperm + 2% + 1 number fresh sperm protein, vitamins and white substance are combined and processed by the No. 1 cosmetics technology, Thailand.

Photo : Stir about white skin helps sperm God speed

Stir about white skin helps sperm God speed Ad about skin whitening serum extracted from sperm is being shared across multiple -network (artwork)

When asked about 2% of fresh sperm, a shop owner also said that is ... of the fresh semen. This product was sold for 900,000 Dong/bottle, can be used from 4-5 months (as is the serum should obliterate not been decimated). With an affordable price for a dream white skin, instantly the potential customers into thanks to , tips and are willing to spend a million for a vial of the serum.

However, despite being incredibly effective ads, but the search operation as to search on google and the search engine page the course did not have any information about the type of serum called "Prince". Meanwhile, the home shop online shall remain constantly praised as well as share solid solid customer feedback on serum type "luxury-safe-effective". Also the women start kneading nháo learn, order to buy test.

White skin from the sperm?

Through the network page with advent and terrible form of "leaked" ears, not few people believe that sperm have more nutrients can rejuvenates your skin and do not hesitate to try out how the "skin care". However, the user has actually helps sperm beauty treatments, skin rejuvenation? And science has proven this or not yet?

According to some experts studied this matter, essentially the world had the research and use of sperm in the beauty by a lot of research has shown that sperm can also help younger sister more beautiful. But that was when my sister had voluntary sex. "Love Story" healthy, moderation is not the good for your skin but also makes healthy women, the age-long spring.

Photo : Stir about white skin helps sperm God speed

Stir about white skin helps sperm God speed The serum made from sperm, believe it or not? -(Artwork)

Also according to the study, facial beauty treatments using fresh sperm potentially more dangerous. No one asserts the sperm used to face mask is clean have been tested, even it is the sperm of the husband. By fresh sperm in existence pretty much the type of virus, bacteria contain dangerous pathogens such as HIV, , hepatitis B, C ... you never know. When using fresh sperm DAB onto the leather seat or any of the body, if there is skin sores or abrasions, the germs will infiltrate your body easily.

Shop owners also advertise the use of serum extracted from this sperm can help spirit speed SNG white just after ... 1 night, increases the suspicion for this product, by even the expensive creams help skin white also does "God" like that more as a kind of serum was sold just 900,000, serum is extracted from the white bleach ...?!

Therefore, before there was the research as well as clear proof, the sisters should not rush rushes into the products of unknown origin to extend Spring Festival. For whatever product is being introduced is derived from Thailand but nothing has an information about this brand on the internet before.