Thai girls into actress thanks to cosmetic surgery

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Thailand is one of the great powers about cosmetic surgery in the world. Along with the development of the industry "cutlery", more and more young girls to the Salon for "restoration" beauty with the dream of making a husband or even further is to become the celebrity Teerawattanachai, American actress cum model is one of them.

Picture 1 of Thai girls into actress thanks to cosmetic surgery

Two Teerawattanac before and during surgery.

Aspire embarks on world showbiz but not be endowed for a beauty, Teerawattanachai decided to edit almost the entire face and some points on the body. By 2012, this girl has "cutlery" eyes, nose and mouth, to get the big round eyes, nose mouth and high radiant today.

Not only had the poor face, this Thai girl is also missing body balance with one very small. Teerawattanachai recalled that while still going to school, many people even thought she is.

She had been seeking information about massaging increases the size of the round, but by losing patience and want quick, beautiful Thai woman continue to count doctors . After the surgery, from a girls chest Bulgarian clamp, Teerawattanachai had a size C.

Initially, her family protested furiously this. They don't want the surgery, and also do not expect her to become a celebrity. All Teerawattanachai family hope she will do a history teacher. However, after seeing his children nice up gradually over time, her family agreed and for the money her daughter to "cutlery".

Although it is expensive so much time, money and bear the pain no less but the result that Teerawattanachai get pretty sweet. Now, she's one of the beauties of showbiz's most versatile Thailand with the possibility of acting, modeling and program guide. Teerawattanachai confirmed the surgery has completely changed her life and caused her to become happy.

Picture 2 of Thai girls into actress thanks to cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery has changed the life of Teerawattanachai, helped her on the road ahead became one of the famous model actor for Thailand. =

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