These complications can occur when breast enhancement surgery

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Upgrade the by placing the bag breast enhancement surgery is a fairly common around the world as well as in Vietnam. The number of breast enhancement surgeries each year are falling and always occupy the highest rate in all types of cosmetic procedures.

Breast enhancement surgery increasingly common medium is due to the needs of growing medium is because this method more cosmetic than effective and safer.

But science is not yet able to have an artificial material which is perfect and absolute security about bio when implanted into the body. Moreover, the implant is done by surgical techniques should also the underlying risk for the body as the other surgical. Although there have been a lot of progress and success, minimize accidents but accidents and complications in breast enhancement surgery is still a anxieties of both patients and surgery.

In Vietnam also has the ear and breast enhancement surgery complications that public opinion be known through the media. The ear surgery is usually a disaster due to the reaction with smoking when anesthesia vLàm beautiful is a legitimate demand of the women, but many sisters became a victim by ignorance. Yes very rare also. In dozens of years, across the country we have official information about a few cases of patients dying while breast enhancement surgery. But the cases of complications after breast enhancement surgery, then having more than (5-15%) including early complications after surgery and late complications after a few years.

Early complications after surgery is the most dangerous bleeding

This is the case of secondary bleeding after caesarean section due to bleeding, when no surgery or due to unusual causes such as trauma to the body during the transportation of the patient after surgery or do patients come back too early, fall ... With this type of disaster, if there is a thoughtful, post-operative monitoring can detect early because patients chest pain, tension and required to be brought into the operating room to check promptly.

Photo : These complications can occur when breast enhancement surgery

These complications can occur when breast enhancement surgery Photos of complications include Vasospasm discrepancies and fiber bags

Infection is the second most important hazard noted. But if the medical and hygiene conditions in hospitals and the strict compliance with the process of infection of medical staff better ear infections will easily excluded.

Have a different hazard is nipple necrosis can manifest only a few days after surgery when blood source raising the nipple gets hurt or lost in these cases must go through the Halo breast surgery or combined with complex editing Halo nipples. If severe necrosis occurs, nipple loss loss will cause aesthetic consequences heavy and hurt many psychological sense for sick people. There have been cases of nipple necrosis occur leading to complaints and Court has fined the surgeon must compensate the patient amount up to over 220 million.

The type of late complications after surgery for a time often is the problem in terms of aesthetics. Irregular chest complications (low to high) see soon after surgery is usually due to surgery and also often revealed only after several weeks to months when has swollen. How is cirrhosis complications spasms later than 3-5.5% rate and usually appears after 6 months to 1 year due to various causes such as breast pockets, so the category due to surgery or due to local patients body coordination.
Complications include dangerous non-fibrous constriction which only cause pain and do chest hard, bad, distorting, need to be intervened or taken fiber cover removal chest pocket. Other complications such as bad scarring (Keloids, hypertrophic scars reveal Willow), fold bag (by placing the bag cover or larger co bao), palpable bag (by most recent shallow pockets or tissue atrophy around the bag), the breast has 2 floors due to excess skin sagging bags and more ... is the complications are not uncommon, often affect the aesthetic and effective patient dissatisfaction. The surgery again to handle the often needed but often very difficult to achieve the desired results. The case of fibrous cover spasms, breast tissue atrophy, palpable chest pocket is often very difficult to achieve patient satisfaction results.

Photo : These complications can occur when breast enhancement surgery

These complications can occur when breast enhancement surgery  

Take the case of caesarean section back 2-3 times, to incorporate other measures such as more implants and fat filled ... Even had the case of a 25 year old breast women that underwent surgery five times within the last 7 years with 4 different new doctors get temporary results still pleased in her 32 years. Thankfully the complications of this type are also very rare. Other issues such as placing the bag too big or too small, put the wrong bag natural position ... can do wrong calculation of the surgeon or due to unreasonable of patients about breast size also cause these results lack and need to intervene again to process in order to achieve the desired aesthetic results.

Dream beauty "double mountain" became increasingly popular and constantly urged the women. From the girls growing up don't have the luck to be Creator gives nice breasts as "bong Island mound" double, the sisters were at least once "bring the pain" which officials lay heavy has taken away much of their beauty and youth. But from a dream to reality is a long way is not simple. Good results can only be from your hands United with the dedication of the aesthetic physician and from my understanding, intelligent selection of each patient to the beauty surgery is always necessary, and safety.