True beauty flow by fresh blood.

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The principle of this method is the main body from blood who need therapy, through the analysis process using centrifuges, the platelet-rich plasma for used to inject into the skin through hundreds of stain shots. A beautiful way that listening, not least the person must shudder.

Horror horror aesthetic methods

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Many users of fresh blood to beauty.

With the desire to find it fresh for your skin, many people did not hesitate to try all means beauty, mention use ... fresh blood, bypassing most of the pain and the grief and horror. To think, platelet-rich plasma will stimulate the production of collagen proteins help skin rejuvenation and more people did not hesitate to throw out "mountain of money" with the hope of defeating the skin wrinkles on the face in "blink".

This beauty has a method name is the method of PRP (beauty by Platelet-Rich Plasma extracted from the blood itself), or people for fun that this method is "Vampire". By throughout the course of therapy, blood taken from the patient will be put into the skin by the use of conventional needles, injecting hundreds of stain on the face. In some cases, anesthesia, however, only have effect within a few hours and then, the therapy must endure pain is inevitable.

The aesthetics Center advertising: does not cause bruising, pain, young skin himself out to see in just 3 days. Beauty treatments by this blood, in addition to "independent activity", it is also commonly recommended to do with fat face transplant services. According to experts, the implementation of aesthetic with PRP with fat implants will create double normal efficiency, increases the effectiveness of the fat, leaving the fat exists in the body longer. And of course, the amount paid will also double the normal. Each one does the PRP lasts from 15 to 45 minutes and cost approximately 5 to 10 million depending on the customer requirements. The number of times "pump blood" also depends on the condition of each person.

After subcutaneous injection the patient, it will speed up the normal healing process by stimulating the creation of Collagen. As are potions and creams the medication previously should not few people willingly accept money to swing to get perfect skin. However, after the first, if not light skin, smooth as advertised, the guests are often "pouring Suite" with these words have wings "to have the highest efficiency each month, the need to inject a lump lasts about three months. "

The beauty is still not really reassuring

Many people rushed to go "-face pump blood", this method is obviously honored as "most innovative" methods. Even, it has become a competition in the world who do aesthetics in Saigon. Many spa, beauty center, began to urge search investment funds their depredations readiness ruffled for machinery to serve the hotel.

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Expensive, not only those coming with "ma ca Dragon" also have to bear the pain.

Expensive, not only those coming with "ma ca Dragon" also suffer the terrible pain as its name. Typically, it takes up to 3 days to completely heal Warbler stains the mouths and body no longer burning pain sensation gradually. Every day, many large and small beauty centre in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM still receive more guests in need of testing method of this scary. They come to the center of the world "accept anything as long are older."

Do not abuse this method

This is a fairly new beauty methods in Vietnam, a few cosmetic facility in Ho Chi Minh City has applied. But not to mention efficiently, the beauty is still potential disease risk if not careful in the use of blood up to the skin. Therefore, the experts recommended, the Hematology needs beauty should not abuse this method too.

Talk to us about this beauty methods, Professor-Dr. Nguyen Xuan Cuong, Director of the hospital of the Saigon cosmetic, one who very successfully in the field of skin rejuvenation, then known as PRP, was long application world, especially the u.s. and South Korea , two of the world's capital. In Vietnam, the PRP is applied in a few years but not yet popular. Here is a method to regenerate your skin using the blood of the patient, help restore, regenerate your skin by using Platelet Rich Plasma pumped directly onto the skin surface through the action of the laser light beam or other specialized books. Especially effective with the eyes, mouth or maneuvering a few places easy to have wrinkles such as the chest, arms, hands.

When asked whether the blood substitute can be used for other people as this does, this expert said: "normally, the blood of each person has different characteristics, including blood, the ratio of ingredients and have all the cells to the disease. The use of another person's blood to inject into the body is not recommended because of possible complications, shock or spread the disease from a blood source. Moreover, those addicted to cigarettes, alcohol or drug use, liver disease or blood were difficult or are taking anticoagulants do not use this method, by may cause complications or aggravating the disease. " According to experts, as does whether the optimizer also just for the effect in a certain period of time and not be sustainable forever. If want to have a truly healthy skin they must know good care from youth, not to stay up late, more vitamin supplements and drink plenty of water.

So many beautiful people of foreign and Vietnamese beauty crazy with this strange new beauty methods:

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Kim is known as the application of the method of monstrous beauty. In a reality tv show before, Kim Kardashian shocking to the audience when the blood-covered face breeze. This is a nice method called "Vampire mask".

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After Kim, supermodel Gisele Bundchen continues to make many fans ... scared when the breeze photo macabre beauty, smeared the blood of his own fresh face up.

Picture 5 of True beauty flow by fresh blood.

Phi Thanh Van made many people stunned when performing the method of beauty ... a vampire.


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