Woman 17 years in miniature round 1 because too large

While many beautiful people must go to pump the chest to attract attention in Hollywood, the American actress 17 years Ariel Winter decided to shrink the round 1 of his nature.

The 17 year old actress suffering with round 1 size 32F.

The 17 year old actress Ariel was love from tv series "Modern Family modern family)-thanks to the natural tone and a very lovely face. Although not desirable but round 1 size natural 32F Ariel Winter is always make the audience often lose focus (32 F extra large chest size is for the natural breasts, not through cosmetic surgery).

17 year old star has always felt uncomfortable with her massive breasts. It makes Ariel frequently suffer from back pain and neck pain. Oversized round 1 offers more pain for the Lady. The star 's teen years as b.j. lesions and spinal region also encounter bad problems. Even Ariel Winter can't stand back for a long time.

She hardly stand straight with oversized round 1

Not only cause more disease problems that round 1 size 32F of the Ariel Winter also encountered many difficulties in finding discreet style clothes the right age to wear when appearing on the red carpet.

"I have to wear the dresses are super bundle and ultra hugging designs by if not wearing it, I would not look pretty. I really had no choice other than hugging costume. All people are saying "why is she wearing adult world. Not the right age. "

Despite the many criticisms, the young actress has decided to take cosmetic surgery to reduce the size of the "double mountain" 32F to 32D after consulting many opinions of colleagues, including the actress Sofia Vegara, who is also famous for round 1 size 32F.

She was criticized for wearing, hugging too sexy versus age

"I feel like a new man"-best actress-comfortable sharing with Glamour.

Currently, Ariel is felt extremely satisfied with the results of the surgery.

"That's what I do to the life, the health of themselves better and I also think that it will bring more benefits to the young girl. I feel happy with yourself than ever. "-Ariel shares.

The actress feels happy with the round 32D size fits with her body than =