Women excited to attend talkshow Discover leading rhinoplasty material Surgiform - standard trends 2020

Advantages of surgiform cartilage from the perspective of Dr. Khai and expert Mat Fairfax

During 1 hour of discussion, there were sharing about high-grade surgical cartilage of two leading beauty experts, Mr. Mr. Mat Faifax CEO - Founder and founder of Surgiform brand and CKI doctor Do Quang Khai - Experienced successfully performing over 10,000 structural rhinoplasty cases and is also a pioneer of L-line trend Cao Tay came back to Saigon. Through this Talkshow, the participants had useful knowledge about cartilage material and rhinoplasty.

Mr. Mat Fairfax and CKI doctor Do Quang Khai are the attendees of this Talkshow

To better understand the rhinoplasty surgical procedure Do Quang Khai plastic surgeon shared: 'Like other structural rhinoplasty methods, instead of the old days, people used Silicon cartilage to support then Silicon cartilage is replaced by Surgiform cartilage. It is the perfect combination of autologous and artificial cartilage '.

With expertise and experience in the profession, Dr. Khai made the preeminent comments that Surgiform cartilage brings

Why is Surgiform cartilage so superior? Surgiform cartilage is made up of 100% from ePTEF.This is the emulation closest to the cartilage itself that is tested and licensed by the US FDA. Especially with the structure of millions of tiny holes, helping the blood vessels to creep inside, helping soft tissue to grow, transporting blood to feed tissue and skin. In addition, with flexible and durable properties, Surgiform is accepted by the body to avoid the phenomenon of lagging, exposing, sacking, combating elimination, resulting in longer lasting rhinoplasty results, the surgeon Surgiform cartilage nose knows the results before lifting.

Rhinoplasty, requiring technical and skilled doctors, rhinoplasty materials are also a top concern. Because if choosing materials incompatible with the body will cause aesthetic complications such as rejection, wave deviation, wave drop, fiber, . more dangerous will lead to infection and necrosis. However, if the understanding of the lifting material is more or less eliminating the aforementioned complications.

The information provided by the seminar contributed to complement the knowledge about cartilage material and Surgiform rhinoplasty

Up to now, Surgiform is considered the most advanced cartilage, suitable for all nose shapes, including damaged and repaired nose.'Surgiform cartilage is available in the US, South America, China and Vietnam. The success rate of rhinoplasty with Surgiform cartilage is very large, reducing complications less than 2%. Currently, we are researching in the Asian market, in the next few years, we will move to other countries and maybe we will improve and produce a more advanced cartilage, '' said Mat Fairfax.

Opportunity to receive incentives from Klain Beauty Center

The atmosphere of the Talkshow took place in a more exciting atmosphere when the guests took turns asking questions for the two experts at the studio as well as on live livestream on channel 14. The questions are respectively poses, involving rhinoplasty and Surgiform cartilage. The special thing that Klain brings to customers is live on the livestream and right at the studio is a 10% discount off 20% when surgery for customers who ask good questions and answer the best questions.

Images of audiences asking experts and doctors questions:

In addition, to celebrate the new year of the Rat year 2020, the Klain Beauty Center will offer a 20% discount for customers who have Surgiform cartilage surgery from here to the end of the year. Do not hesitate any more but do not come right away to receive the offer.

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