10 things men dare not tell my wife

Here are 10 secrets that men often hid his wife and the know-how to help wives handled in these situations.

1. I want you to see him as a man of great and powerful

Men often feel unsafe if the masculine qualities of him, for example, never impress my wife. Doctor of psychology, therapist marriage problems Mike Dow, that though not the 1950 's but is still the traditional view when determining the value of a man himself. So when feel unwell, he will silence.

Tips for wives is praise the power of the husband, though only when the guy opened a tin box lids help you. If the body feels slightly guy ì, you also should not say hurry up, first of all, create opportunities for self discovery and training guy. Dr. Dow said that the man will feel weak when the wife too interested in his health instead of to the guy himself is responsible to it.

2. It is true that he has noticed that she

According to Dr. Dow, men's brains are made to pay attention to the beautiful young girl, as this seems to be the good fertility. True, if a young girl, the guy looked and turned away before getting up. Men's brains are made of animal-like than the brains of women, "just you are the guy who is very loving and sharing existing beds every day, then a girl of 25 years can't beat the location of you in his heart," Dr. Dow said. You can the same guy out refreshing love but should avoid places where there are many objects to guy could hit him with the bat along the horizontal.

3. "Love" is great but not so close as well

The Dow for von: "When it comes to sex talk, man is the microwave longer women are the stove and slowly". Women's brain in oxytocin-type of thyroid hormone is secreted when love, make up the feeling of euphoria, happiness. That gives you a peaceful feeling throughout the day. However, testosterone men's back discourage the production of oxytocin, but men get a dose of oxytocin great right after reaching orgasm. Thus, although enjoying the romance during fellatio, the guy also likes to finish quickly. It is difficult to explain guy delicate thing.  If the guy is always trying to please his wife, also a need sometimes to act fast.

4. You don't have fat in that dress. I wore the dress for you, too

A remote object can still easily impressed with the guy. From several thousand years ago, the brain of the man who is the brain of a Hunter, can discover the animals from afar. But the guy was very hard to adjust for these details. With the guy, you wore blue dress also what red dress. If the guy giving a response about your outfit when asked, you also don't believe in that. "If the guy was married, in the eyes of the guy you are very beautiful. And the guy wants you to wear anything that shows you like best, "Dow said.

5. You have those special fantasies about sex

Whether it's the thoughts in the morning or vulgar, he also does not make this individual wishes, however, not because the guy wanted to keep it for myself. The majority of men are feeling difficulty expressing what she wants in bed. Psychological therapists Charles j. Orlando, author of "The Problem with Women ... is Men" suggest: "the husband you may want it but don't know how to express the way you understand. You can help him by sharing one of his imagination ".

6. Sometimes I want you silent

According to Dr. Dow, if women could just listen to my husband said just relax then men are less likely to "2 in 1" as such. Men's brains have more linear structure, away from this task to other tasks. In addition, communication at work all day making men's brains quickly tired than women's brains. Maybe when you are drunk complained of problems in his work, the Guy didn't notice anything at all because the brain runs out of the ability to absorb the information. Therefore, you should try to give my husband a little space when the guy back home. If the guy had a chance to rest, he would be more than talk. And this is also good for you.

7. You lied to keep the peace

If the guy doesn't know you will talk about the problem, can the guy would lie in order to avoid the risk of falling into a controversy. According to Dr. Sue Johnson, author of Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, if we know the secrets of fear, we can tolerate and help your spouse resolve fears that worried him. If the husband seems confused, let's take a long breath and try not to be angry. If you argue, then tell her husband that, anyway you also always appreciated the honesty of her husband.

8. I want you to take care of myself more than

True, my husband loves the people and way of life , but he also wants you to be satisfied with the appearance and feel of yourself. However, he may not know how to hint to you about a new hairstyle, participate in sports or exercise class one day send his for another look. Instead, the silent guy until you act. Dr. Brosh psychological advice: "Please let my husband see value in each of his opinions by asking the guy about appearance and your health habits. Your husband should know that, he's are always welcome when subjected to share the secret with you ".

9. I don't want to do all the dirty work

In a world of equality of men and women, your husband can get confused message about what people expect of him. So, he will kill all the spiders and do all the yard work if the guy thinks that you do not see the efforts of guy. Divide and conquer, that guy will ill because it treats all those who work for men. Please tell my husband that you want him to share the House with you. "If the guy kill spiders because of hate, no matter what, but if the guy killed as resentful because you did not handle them then this is the frightening thing," said Dr. John commented.

10. We are experiencing financial hardship

Men often equate financial stability with the ability of his family surrounded. But ominous thing is more and more husbands feel themselves not as successful as her husband. If your husband earn less than before, and he couldn't pay the Bills, he can hide it away. He doesn't like to look at myself and not want to see the worry in the eyes of his wife. If the dismissal can be a big secret that he wanted withheld, then the guy also rarely reveals exactly the revenues and its spending. "Let's share the financial problem, and you will not be so amazed at the husband's secret", Orlando advice, "and regularly to let my husband know that you love him and not just interested in money".=