16 benefits when no lover

according to experts psychology reviews, the girlfriend will have 16 benefits when no lover! Do you believe?, benefits, no lover of ...

Mighty love, love and be loved is what makes people feel happy, but the single life probably would feel bored?

1. Last week can sleep, not necessary to prepare for the date.

2. morning don't need makeup, also no need to worry your boyfriend will leave.

3. Can freely look at the handsome guy on the road, and turns his aesthetic catching trend.

4. extended lifespan when you empty the bucket is not the wrath of man.

5. Can freely hang photographs of his own idols.

6. Can freely develop outside activities do not need to worry to face the discomfort of your boyfriend.

7. Take time to surf the web looking for knowledge, no need to worry that someone robbed the use up his network.

8. Save money, no need to worry for his clothes and repair shop for you son.

9. Save time for yourself, do not need to spend several days each week to go play with her lover.

10. Save phonecharges, no need to worry to headaches for the money spend on the phone every time.

11. No "saliva" because throughout the day to ask, "I love you" or not for the opponent saying "I love you".

12. Have more idle time next to my parents, no need to worry when people love to blame him responsible for "the baby for why not English".

13. Can the same friends, sisters talk, sing all night without worrying attitude.

14. Can the professional Center for work or to study towards a bright future.

15. Can expand the eye observes this world, rather than simply focus your eyes at someone.

16. Can freely meet with other people, they go eat, watch movies, talk city ...=

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