5 the type of rich people's hands

1. rosy Palm  The hand pinky is usually the blessed. And usually do not have to worry about money, career, because often you multiply.   2. hand Only crisp, not clutter  The only way the hands are very important, it usually expresses the intellectual level, his reputation, his career as well as a person's destiny. Those crisp, hand only lines not to mess who is usually there are smart, have a smooth life. In particular, these people are always doing the science. As such, they are appropriate for the leadership positions.

3.5 finger side, neatly balancing  Those with pink hands, adding that five fingers when verticillastrate not open then is good at managing money, spending, working carefully, plan, know to look away and never spend money blindly.  People who have 5 fingers where lengths are thoughtful people work there, so the sequence of work and life are ingenious arrangements, not having breakfast scene.

4. square nails, fingers tubular structures  Nail the son must be straight, square and oval is the best. The nails are slightly pointed, girl, straight rectangles slightly pointed is best, if heaven round about then belong to strenuous mission, life difficult. Fingers are like pipes, nice round and slender. If skinny finger chicken legs like the guộc is General hand reveal Member, has no money and not keep the money.   5. Palm square, thick and soft flesh  Follow VNE, square Palms have four sides, meat, bridges around the slightly raised, smooth soft skin, when holding hands feeling soft meat without bones xẩu-those who have this majority is wealthy, money all my life not lacking.=