6 advantages of females was the son of 'dot points 10

Look at the guy grading my daughter to know men are always looking for what people love and yearn.

1. Eat said extent

"I have a mother and a sister said too much. I used to play every dangerous home because faced with two women. But fortunately, the girl I loved back completely to the contrary. She ate very extent and nearly never nagging me. Even if I make a mistake she also just reminded me once, she does not keep multiple times or take off his off the old story again. I really respect and appreciate her in Bollywood.

Refrain from what I personally before a problem cause is not easy. So she always proved calm, talk to some extent but in the face of everything. Never got talking she overreacting before a problem is not important. She chose peace instead of quarrel, except when problems arose between us really big deal. Song worked out between me and her only work perfectly right-left, right-wrong, not having the big story on screaming each other or tell a problem.

I am not perfect so I don't set standards for a perfect girlfriend. To me, she just said the things worth saying is really worth-10 points quality Nguyen Trung Kien, 28 years old, marketing staff, share.

2. economic independence, thoughts, feelings

"Whether in any way, emotional, financial or ideological, the daughter, ' a time took away my ' always retain their own independence. She is the ex-lover, who never knew to dependence on men or anyone else.

I made her assessment completely distinct from many other girls is the independence. Although we do not have the opportunity to go forward together on the path of life, that in her worthy of ten than the beautiful looks of hotgirl or the wealth of the rich ... "-Save Me, age 31, works engineer, said.

3. Intelligent, astute

"Don't need much effort to ' dump ' saw her gentle wisdom but in the long run, I believe that men would also like to progress to further with a girls smart, astute.

Ideal girl friend with me was a she smart enough to express his understanding of all problems. Not when she was source does not know what to do when encountering a difficult situation. She can be somewhat formidable, steam stone evaluated but the smart and astute in these girls deserve more than ten ". This is the perspective of the Owner reaches the age of 32, active in the field of business.

4. Suction power lesbians

"I don't like to paint for anyone, I just want to look at things with the eyes. So, don't throw stones ' when his ' who lined up lesbians top attractions and is the highest point of his ' dot ' in a girl friend. According to the feel of his ideal girl must be his appeal right from the first.

In particular, she does not need to be beautiful, but there's something seductive, arouse desire intimacy and beyond is to have harmony with yourself in what the bedding. Boring sex life will certainly hamper long term relationship. Height of suction power lesbians turn a girl become interesting lover on the bed. So this girl always confident in his body and know how to seduce the enemy "-t. T, 27 years old, the architect, said.

5. Environmentally friendly

"I witnessed many relationships gradually become distant friends when someone ' falling in love'. The cause by guy that love to a girl in cold, hard to close. On the contrary, if you love to be a friendly, your relationships as are multiplied, the distance between you-he-friends become closer.

His personal scoring always high for her life. Love a girl like that, you never fear I will lose my friends and the relationship as lovers. In addition, she is also the people who bring you more fun thanks to the gatherings with friends of both ". -Tuan, 25 years, audit staff, expressed.

"Every man whether young or old needs a woman on the side to encourage them to become a more complete human being. So search your girl always knew how to support, help themselves develop the desire of all men. By that, nothing hard to understand when you're wing beard always uphold these girls always know how to encourage his men become better at work, in relationships or even in a person's responsibility for the family.

In the countless highlights of the weak, I always said that the girl would have been entirely on qualities worthy of ten and became the model of the majority of men ". Here are reviews of Le Van Hai, age 29, of management personnel.=