6 should not talk when you're mad

1. "it's your fault"

While he's angry, don't pour everything over the top of him because at this computer musician, he's conservative. Can he have a bug in the battle of quarrel or he is the source of the lead to disagreement between the two men, but men, they never admit his wrong is right. For these reasons, such as face, fear of Bulgarian examined before the girlfriend or have the computer, they will either generically or silence to you it will go with the attitude not admit herself wrong.

Instead of trying to explain, lead extraction or dental floss, to soil erosion, he realized he was wrong, you should give him time to calm down. There are a lot of men not bigotry and willing to receive error was calm. So, instead of arguing and dump responsibility, let him find ways to solve the problem the better.

2. "You again."

Do not dig into the past, the mistake in the past will only make the baby story tear out to only. When you have to forgive past mistakes guy means you will not be used to excuse "incriminating" in the current conflict. If you still have trouble, meandering around the conflict is under the same, repeating, then try the alternative approach to resolve the situation.

3. "you're a child"

This easy-to-reach active guy's pride. As man, he always wanted to be as mature people, tough ... to rely on love, is ready to hand Jiang when lovers need or was the decision, her direction to all good things may be for her in the future.

Normally, when not angry, if being "cooking" as a child, he certainly doesn't feel fun. Also in anger, though you can intentionally or unintentionally, whether your statement is playing or criticism ... you can blow the flames face in him.

Instead of smiling, he could feel vindictive and believe that you are deliberately lowered. While not reactionary, he can take actions or words offend you, the result is a relationship between two people seriously affected, turning to the tendency to deteriorate.

4. "you are a coward"

The phrase "personal attacks" as this will immediately put the other person on the defensive or the debate will quickly turn into a war won, a loser. Furthermore, the introduction of the guy compared with others will cause the same harm. Instead, let's try to keep the communication open place and restrain themselves in at talk.

5. "the things you say stupid"

Never say a man is a fool, for he is at being angry. When uttered this sentence accompanied by delicate lack attitude, you can make him "crazy" because it's like you're saying he's "no brain". It is like you damn him stupid, lack of thinking. It's an exacerbation to his self-esteem.

6. "I want to break up"

This can make him think you want an article is "I'm wrong to love you". This also means you have to "cross a Dipper made of cold water" on the face indicating he he not, as people do not deserve to love ... With men, it is a failure in love.

This is usually the girl uttered when the two conflict or controversy, dissent. Obviously, in anger, anyone can say out the sentence, including the loss of control. What is special is the beard you wing or uttered this sentence more than the girls but they are also people who have a negative reaction to hearing that.

If the girls are often silenced or suffering when sounded lovers say farewell, then the boys proved real need, frustrated, annoyed, he launched when your girlfriend says that sentence. And though still very in love with the other person but they also are willing to dispose of all, say things makes people love hurts and love story of two people who can end here. By the damage by both caused to each other will be very difficult to remove later.=