9 reasons should not love people of the same age

1. If love people of the same age women will face the risk of older men. Time you will have to prepare psychologically confused idea was 2 sisters together.

2. If 2 people love each other, then age is usually know each other from high school. Love a long period of time so will very easily fall into a status of "bored screamed together". Love will incredibly boring.

3. Man of capital "retardation" than women. If love people of the same age you will accidentally become caregivers and even told his men Board. You will become just as people love just is.

4. Love people of the same age you will be faced with the risk of waiting for him, "old enough" ripe to marry his wife. Imagine yourself. When you are 26 years old, you would be thinking about getting married. But at age 26, with him is just the start. He can relax more marriage age 5 years. But if you are not married right now, it will definitely late.

5. Address the same lover years very difficult. Can you play the same old days call each other by name or even you-I. But now has turned into lovers, you will have to overcome the embarrassing at first. The choice of pronouns is also the problems that you encounter when beginning to love each other.

6. Love people your age would be more difficult in terms of the economy. Imagine, if you love a guy than you 5 years, when you graduate, you go find a job while he was building his career being a long time. If the computer to be married after graduating about 3 years, both have reasonable job and financial autonomy. So will more easily the 2 you go ask the same, make money little by little that sometimes do not know can have no stable job.

7. You must compete with her before, and even more lovely to get him. Can your care at first cause he touched. But gradually he will feel bound and become small in your hands. In the meantime, it pictures her youthful, naive, even more beautiful than you will fascinated him. Also, when passing next to the girls, the boys you have the feel of a cover girl with you, he tries but can't

8. You have when thinking about the experience of his bed? Of course this also depends on other factors. But the experience is sometimes dependent on "seniority".

9. After several years in love if not to be together then the consequences will belong to you. Did you ever think about going to the age of 30 years the two separated. You: old has just run out of time. He: men independent charm.

If the love of you large enough to cope with all the challenges and difficulties then please take courage to embrace that sentiment. Courage to love without regret. When you pass the 9 other obstacles to come together, not what to think anymore. The old tools are also used to say: "same old lie that eating".=