Age 18 years old pregnant, I would be let go if born daughter

The life of a girl step foot back home my husband when the round 18 years while you are eagerly in a new environment where he has new friends, have new knowledge ... also I give mercy far left all to marry my husband-husband also eighteen medium only.

My family is also pretty poor neighbors but the most fake ones I need is not a life of imitation than reaching the flood you with that which is the love between the people in this family. By all three and I just ran by the coin, then every occasion holidays are holidays thinks there will be a day of family reunion. It sure just who in the cold ones in profound new Villa still neighbors ... her family happy.

Now I don't know what to do when the baby is carried in the belly is the daughter?

Year 12 grade, I studied all day at school and then in the evening into the tutorials, also where I met and know you. What are the lessons add up about more about the fun and will have no fear anymore. So we close over each day.

One joke or between men and women it's hard to survive as a friendship, and don't know when I've heart rhythm before the error. And then you said you love me, given me Kiss rush when sending me into the House. In a drunk friend of kid birthday occasions he, I and I went too limited.

That day I was very naive ... What is a month after waiting forever does not feel signs of red lights. I spoke with him and we both bought the stick, the result is the two planned. That's two of us only know fear each other's desk, trying to hide. But in March the 5th it bulge bulge I belly up, and then it was also messy.

My parents don't regret my diatribe is a spoiled girl, "How do I look with relatives, neighbors neighbors" three then took a broom to hit me, and then complain that "the damage in the mother that" ... I just cry and cry until I stepped foot on the House her husband.

My wedding to go stealthily from the tailgate rather than as they are transparent, decent fun ... me too well enough because I going alone that has the block parents not to marry.

Married is over, my husband has attended a College, you're happy about going to the place of dreams. English nature, you have fun ... and I'm with the election more than six months, her husband's parents didn't like me because I have voted should crave sleep horrible, then copper project work I also do not know ... what was the mother of my husband thinks I'm a lazy should always face the heavy, you're with me. She also or grimy when I carry the bowl of rice on hand. But I can't say to my husband, which has said her husband wouldn't understand because you inherently indifferent.

The day my husband go, I khệ nệ go buy those pills are metered. Steps to the door I happen to hear the sentence that I should not hear. "If she's born the son, then the two marriages, otherwise ...". Did my husband, "the high school, this splendid voice that handsome ... lack nothing daughter" ... Still I cry silently because know I have chosen the wrong path.

Now I don't know what to do when the baby is carried in the belly is my daughter, my husband's parents then not sympathetic and always despised me, husband shall have available the intention of shaking. I left his family but not enough courage to tell the parents because I that parents had also divorced. Now I have to do to his tears don't fall regardless of the night despite knowing it will not be good for my child?=