Being 'kick' when pregnant 8 months

I step into the life of he sudden, startling as when being kicked out of your life.

I am 33 year old, too old to begin a romance, but also too young to start a life of flaske Scorpions. Although frustrating because your friends have already had children, happy family, and I'm still tossing baptism alone traveled out domain. Weekends or holidays, I sneak out of Hanoi, laptop backpack up the shoulder and wandered all over the place.

I love the single life despite his sometimes bit Chanh long.

I see you, who love the old old days in a cafe. I recently had conversation with a fierce woman beautiful, which, according to my judgement is his wife. I noticed that because corner hearing the story content is also not what to do. The woman, asked him to sign the divorce, to give her the freedom to remake his life. Listen first glance I also guess is shaped like she wanted to get out of the same sex, and would like to leave two children for him. Happen to see you in situations I intend irony turned away, but not his eyes back and accidentally saw me.

Never go away when your wife ever at it, right away, I had to talk to you. After this he said to me not there, at the right time. Maybe he should give me eyes to heaven there to comfort for the life of me. I also thought you happy life beautiful wife and 2 side kid. But not the back like so. ..

And you come together more often. Know you're sad so I enlist to talk to you, sometimes just a few sentences. You alone take 2 kids, should I still occasionally visit the home of the rice water for your father.

Then what happened to also be to, I also do not doubt my life ran the other way from accidentally seeing him at the cafe. He said old friendships not pendulous also to the wrong rolls. Me and you together as a couple.

When I started having elected, he suggested we will organize the wedding. But I don't know that should explain how with my parents in my hometown, so I suggest he is will done about home birth with her parents, Sir. My parents know my daughter took a person has a wife and two children, then could not agree unless put my family on the already.

I don't know is it the right or wrong think for of my life anymore. When I got elected to the eighth month, the wife suddenly returned. She begs him to forgive and want to go back with him. I saw you lean rộc go for distress. See you I hurt and sorry for my body parts. Though not yet officially as his wife, but now I'm pregnant with his child, I don't know how can this be dealt with.

From a girl of confident, courageous decisions of his life , I have given your heart and life for you to now back in a situation like this. Do not need to hear you out, just see the posture of his suffering, Moody, I imagine to be your decision.

But I'm still not run out of stupor when he met me and said: "I'm sorry because I gave you must like this. I have children , I will with you raising children. You can't stay with you but you will be responsible for the child with the mother. You don't want your children are no mother, Daddy ". Then out to you from long, I do not have a value. I'm just a person to solve them when the woman left. Child in the belly, I don't have any meaning to you both.

That said, I am the rescue wing for the life of your suffering. I only bring happiness for him, that life should be met before seven tu was a girl would dare accept his dreary life.

The words that he's bringing me up to the peak of happiness, but also the knife kills my heart. I don't know what to do when their children in coming months in the eighth when I dispose of my mother, my family didn't know a little something about the irony of this situation.

What should I do now? Also on this years ago, now I'm happy filled because the old mistress meet, but now I like whores getting thrown out on the street with 8 months pregnant belly of the treachery.=