Bored because of the beautiful

Beauty is not a crime.

I was the original Vietnam Laos, 20 years old, so the should I luckily owned V-line face from her mother. Also, I still have hair smooth chestnut Bong Thinketh wood cutting down how heart smooth guy. From small, I've been living away from her parents should have confidence so high, this is a rare virtue in the happy girl today should just meet the guy I was enchanted as cigarettes. In addition, I am also extremely humble should the boys enjoyed. Maybe my convergence in all good things that everyone wants to have.

I also found himself very good at school, right from the baby always be played and the title slip baby health baby. Make also thus so now I have a burned body floats over the sisters, 1.71 m tall, weighs 50 kg, standard measurements. In the place I work, yet sisters ganh hate and or say bad, but you couldn't take your eyes, I'm also a little uncomfortable about this. Why men just take take look at me without even interested in beauty, soul know I ever met was the man his real love, not only because of the Fiery appearance, trance.

I also found himself as the bươn brush. With beautiful appearance, school time, downloads I shoot for the teenage magazine to make money so that always the title good students. Now I don't take pictures of ads that focused on expertise to develop his promising career: teacher.

As a person, I understand he wasn't for who all but unfortunately I confused again, what to do now? I also would say always, the sisters read that stoned I'll probably never understand the hard life when beautiful I like this, but I insisted: Nice is not a crime.=