Born in 1992, what is age destiny?

(MissNews)-born in 1992 is the age A, in the Mission Style Metal Sword also means "Golden hilt"., Born in 1992 what age what destiny, 1992 mission, five ...

1992 is the age A Body

Branch is the system that defines the name of the time in the lunar calendar, which is used in Asian countries such as Vietnam. Branch is composed of 10 and 12 genera should also be called the cross Can Cross the second Genus (i.e. 10, Ten Second News 12). Each Can and each take turns pairing with each other will be the name of the unit of time such as days, months, years-including all 60 different combinations.

Over 60 times the pair then proceed to transplant from the beginning. In the order of 60 Branch always begins, from the Borders, not bad. Adil is a Quarter through the cycle. Note, the Can and the genus split into two properties, the only Music Can and the same genus.

10 Can include: Borders-Yi-Bing-Ding-Mau-Celebrate-the front-Quarter-A-Soup.

There are 12 genera: Ty-Buffalo-Nitin Manmohan-Refugee--Gradually-Meridian-Smell-trunk-Yameen-Dog-Pig

Branch in order as above, since 1991-years before 1992 named as the new Smell, so in 1992 was called in A fuselage.

As such, born in 1992 in the age of A loved one. In 1992 in par Kim

Photo : Born in 1992, what is age destiny?

Born in 1992, what is age destiny? Born in 1992 in the age A, destined to Make Phong Kim.

We have the formula destined: Can + Genus = Destiny-in this formula, each element is assigned the value (or coefficients).

Can get a value from 1 to 5:

Borders, Yi = 1, Pinyin = 2 Mau, 10th = 3

The broth, you grab a Tan = 4 = 5

So that is, 2 adjacent Decals (one positive, one Negative) is always shared 1 value, starting from the Borders-Yi.

The coefficient of the genus is about 0-2:

Ty, the Buffalo = 0, Pramod = 1 Year, Refugee = 2

Meridian Gate, the smell = 0, Month = 1, Adil Dog = 2

Similar to Can, 2 adjacent Limb (also a positive, a Negative), also shares values, but differs in translational only gradually from 0 to 2-starting from Ty-Suu. Sweet-Smelling pair to then start again from 0, then diagonally to the 2.

Because marble has 5 elements (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, mercury, metal) should be Destined to receive the values in the range 1-5:

1 = Marine 2 = Needle 3 = Fire

4 = Saturn 5 = Moc

To remember: If results Can Spend combined is greater than 5, they must subtract 5 new out are destined.

According to the formula has just been presented above, born 1992 News A Body will fall: A + the torso = 5 + 1-5 = 1 = > Par Kim.

In addition, we can see the table Destined to correspond with the name of years know, the talk about can Grab-You to grasp A Body destined for news in 1992. The name years according to Branch The respective destiny

A Bad Quarter, Buffalo

Royal, Jayson

Year, You Tỵ

A Meridian, You Smell

A Stem, You TookSaigon, Hoi

Tang Quiz Moc (Wood strawberry)

Kim Platinum (gold silver mix)

Field Hydro (water flow)

Rustic willow, poplar (Poplar Wood)

Maple sword (Gold hilt)The great Naval Marine (sea water)

According to the table, I saw A familiar old news in 1992 destined to Make Kim Style, meaning "gold hilt".