Born in 1994 is what age, destiny?

According to Branch, 1994 is the age Borders Dog

Know in 1994 is based on the productivity and Armor Branch age, a system that helps identify the name of the time (the name of the year, day, month, hour) in the lunar calendar, which is used in Asian countries including Vietnam. The name of the time created by pairing each Can in 10 Can and with each turn in 12 genera in the order.

The order of Courage: Borders-Yi-Bing-Ding-Mau-Soup-A---You

The order of Genus: Ty-Buffalo-Nitin Manmohan-Refugee--Gradually-Meridian-Smell-Tan-Yameen-Dog-Pig

Due to the years prior to 1994 news in 1993 called You for a month, so in 1994 named in Borders Dog. (First quarter of 10 News Can then come back from the first, after Armour Can Yameen is Productivity).

In 1994 the mission within five

Mission each year is calculated according to the formula: Can + Genus = face value. In this formula, each element (IE Can, and Par) are assigned to different values.

Born in 1994 is the age in the First Painting destined Dog Armor Fire.

Starting from Borders-Yi, 2 Can always get adjacent shared values. Likewise, two genera associated together starting from Ty-the Buffalo also has the number system. The coefficient of the genus is about 0-2, while the value of Can in from 1 to 5.

Because marble has 5 elements, so the value of Par is also located in the range 1-5.

The table values of Can:

Borders, Yi = 1, Pinyin = 2 Mau, 10th = 3

The broth, you grab a Tan = 4 = 5

The table of values:

Ty, the Buffalo = 0, Pramod = 1 Year, Refugee = 2

Meridian Gate, the smell = 0, Month = 1, Adil Dog = 2

Tables of values of the Mission:

1 = Marine 2 = Needle 3 = Fire

4 = Saturn 5 = Moc

According to the formula above, we have a mission: Born 1994 news years in mission: Dog Armour Armor + Dog = 1 + 2 = 3 = > Fire Mission.

In addition, we can also see the table Destined to correspond with the name of known year based on the Branch, the talk about the courage to grasp for the old-specifically, 1994 news what destiny Dog Armor. The name in The respective destiny

Borders For The Old Buffalo, Ty

Borders, Yi Mao

Borders For The Old, The Year Of The Refugee

For The Old, The First Sino-Smell

Body, The Old Rooster

Borders Dog, Pig House

Naval Lieutenant Kim (gold in the sea)

College Aquatic (Water large slots) Khe

Phu Hoa Post (Fire lantern)

SA Central metals (Gold in the sand)

Shwetha Central Hydraulic (water in the stream)

Paint the top of Fire (Fire Mountain)

According to the table, we see old news in 1994 in the first Painting of the fire mission productivity and Armor, literally "fire on the mountain".=