Challenge your girl try my husband, I lost both my husband and friends

Photo illustrationsKnow my husband or lunch in a restaurant on the way, Vo should Taiwan sought to reach my husband as a random coincidences. First met, with a computer intelligence, his quick Loan quickly start a conversation with you. They talk very queer about the theory of financial economics.That same evening the Loan was about the breeze with me of her achievement. I laugh khì "comes to the job you're drunk that, rather than talking about feelings is not easy where is bad". And so, they speak very food ideas with each other. Taiwan knows my Vice and longing of a woman with her husband should she take heart my husband very fast.They begin to communicate more, meet many more. Even Taiwan, also don't hesitate to call to invite my husband to go to the movies, listen to music. I saw my husband seems nothing more than singing, or love life and love to buy more books. The reading of my husband I would be imported from Taiwan.I started to doubt and fear of his judgment. But my consolation that Loan doesn't need a man. She just wanted to bet with me so out of this scenario. If I lose, I don't lose anything because she will be more confident about his views.The plan has been implemented for two months, gradually I don't see Loan reported to me about the things she has conquered my husband backed out as the first time. I thought she knew herself should odds declined to comment to me. Every time I invite her to speak then she Attorney busy.Once, I found the cell phone of her husband got the message of the Loan. I grip the machine up, just open the mailboxes out of hand I like run up with the message "remember you so much, remember to delete the message yourself, I don't want a sad Russian anymore." I deleted that message right away. I tried to keep calm to learn how real.All that night I lose sleep. I have devised a series of ways to follow her husband. Multiply her help in the home. I grab the remote and travel agents sent his home his grandparents. I called to report it to, I go to hue 1 week. I'm in the business, suburban out renting a hotel room to rest and follow her husband.After several follow-up, I discovered her husband is not home often hand in hand with the Loan go eat outside. After the party is they leave together on Home Loan to sleep through the night. All that night I have standing under the flower garden looking up your apartment Loan whose heart cutter.I'm not brave enough to face my husband and I because I was curious. I do not accept being lost, was smiling harshly condemned. But the woman probably would I not jealous. I only hear people speak of feeling betrayed but now I feel that feeling. It's painful and left feeling disgust. Faithful husband that I love, people you trust me they are cheating me.I see Loan to talk. When Loan hear me say "I have watched them last night" the Loan the butter. She wanted to give me lessons. She's always jealous of me because there are always many men. But in the end I also lost because she's back in the arms of the man life.I do not dare to speak to my husband that I have thanks to you try my husband but he has to know it all. While I suffer, he said that "with the Loan because she understand you and really is the woman of the family, and I just said to myself". I don't know you say this is like to come to Taiwan or just wanted me to change. But I know I've lost the love of my husband for me. Does my spouse have come back emotionally.