Crazy because of the terrible drama of her husband home

I screamed like a crazy beast hit trade. I've been through three years of sacrifice, hoeing bring money back for them to now they do not acknowledge me., house husband, ...

I'm fan and crazy because of the play's disgust that formidable husband home built for me. Begging people to give me advice.

I am appealing people to read this story and give me advice, just let me know how to reclaim her child is off the gut laying out from home formidable husband. Now no one believes me even close friends.

I married over 4 years ago. I do the accounting officer of the facility in a garment company. My husband is not an engineer but specializes in charge to look after the buildings.

My husband's parents didn't like me much because I'm cooking grandparents women clown, ugly back home when her husband has brought belly well refurbished. Although I have voted with her brother but was never deleted, the ones damaged food lies with son before getting married.

Her husband at the wedding of new kind of hurt me but then I heard my parents treat me somewhat worse. He worked from morning to night and new home recalcitrance and always frustrating when I care.

I keenly all the lukewarm from the home her husband (artwork)

Even when I was born my nephew for the home her husband, people also don't love me more. They hurt my child but never worry or grateful I was for them a grandchild's Grand khỉnh maize. When I cry, my mother my husband hit me. When you hungry yet up for sucking, fucking my husband's father. Also my husband just baby chair without Hoai to Exchange wives.

I keenly all the lukewarm from the formidable husband but I'm doomed capital should not protest also never intend to divorce. I think the independent single in the city, divorce has just no room left else easy.

And then my husband suffered severe labor accidents. My husband's parents have to pledge, I sold out of dowry and all motorcycles to worry my husband in hospital. On who I no longer does to eat, several days to walk to work because of the sold vehicle does not have the money to go to the car clutching. So that my husband's parents still lead extraction name-calling I'm useless because of the poor, has a wife that doesn't count.

After 2 months in the hospital my husband home but still have to go to the hospital for 20 days per month to do physical therapy. At this time the home my husband actually had to pour no longer debt where to borrow. Then the formidable husband parents take me labor exports in Malaysia to make money. I only just over 1 year old, I'm not very happy with her husband's injuries but because mom is away from a place, because the future of both rice and pieces, I nodded pleased to go.

Through that side during the 3 years break I work like a mad Bull, my frantic overtime to have the money to send home. I only met over the internet every weekend. Her parents didn't tell me about the new year although I have permission and be the company arrange a vacation period.

In the beginning I thought as well as save money on plane tickets. But in the third second, I miss you a miserable way. Look up big every day come, I just cry and cry. I implored parents to me about going back to work diligently, but they do not give.

At this time my husband has recovered completely, the money I sent on repayment has basically finished. Both her husband and parents that keep me at parties that continue to make money. Hurt for long, the mother as I was losing feeling in mind hurt my mother. Mother-in-law turned up webcam for my children see me cry but it won't because "I like watching cartoons." That is my suffering and determination to end all to return home.

Now I was on the water, everything is worse than I think a lot. My husband has not only recovered from that long ago are back with another person. Worse, it was my husband's parents who rules hell I support my son, then wrap the tangerines to her than to me.

My husband's parents told not marriage but my husband was watching her new wife and they also see that's daughter-in-law. I screamed like a crazy beast hit trade. I've been through three years of sacrifice, hoeing bring money back for them to now they do not acknowledge me.

I find people around for help but who also look eye I shunned scorn. People know, so during my time abroad, they have build reputation for me. They told me to see my husband lost labor should throw in back left abroad for evasion of responsibility the wife mother.

I turned fan and crazy because of the play's disgust that the House her husband built formidable (artwork)

I no longer go to a ruthless circuits throughout the 3 years not even about the visit and Exchange nostalgic view her husband alive or dead. The opposite of me, everyone touched a girl has replaced me to take care of my husband and my son. It is also home to my husband who is being admitted.

I turned fan and crazy because of the terrible drama that formidable husband home built for me. Not those they arrest me for divorce but also don't let me see you again. I lost all too obtuse and trust in these people. Not only is my labor throughout the past 3 years that do how much I sent off for my husband so now remained white. I also lost my.

I want to sue the people not to be that person. I want to reclaim the honor, sacrifice and above all is his child. Expecting people to know I have to start from where, with whom, how to get back all?=

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