Dead silence with the true gift box 20 the secret of her husband's bag

surprise, a gift box from falling out. Hold the plate up greeting cards read, the truth of the gift box 20/10 of my husband made me dead silence ..., October 20, secrets, family, foreign ...

Me and you together after three years to learn. He is a man quite ripe and tenacity. Although her parents have the condition but I always order in work, life and home stories, his wife and child after this. So, he's always my idol.

New day led me about the launch, his mother looked at me with the other eye and then a week of family history, I was investigating her clear detail. Because the two families too, the difference in my house in the poor countryside parents all do all farming should parents protesting violently.

But, thanks to his tenacity that he did marry me about how his wife came along. Parents objected, he bought a high-end condominium in the heart of the city with the money he earned to right to va and lived with his parents stumbled more comfortable.

From the retrieved him, I have nothing to cooking. The work I do now just income by 1/10 of you but never I complain at all. Even told me to take that money sent to do private capital for themselves. Also all the living expenses of the family, raising children and for myself you are providing monthly regularity. Do you still send our son to a private account in the Bank to later grow up I can be confident with your friends.

Friends, my parents back home told me good luck when you do get a husband. I also do not deny it until yesterday ...

On October 19, the day before Vietnam Women (20/10) a day, everyone has the special gift dedicated to his loving woman. I'm also eagerly awaiting the special gift from her husband, like many other women.

Yesterday afternoon, I also call on you not to eat rice reminded that the important holidays. He still jokes about your mother taken soon will I eat away. I early always pick on bathing and preparing to go along. But, wait until 7 and a half up the uk yet. Call him not listening.

11 p.m. yesterday, after calling you come near the dozen, you still did not catch. I started to worry what no heals. Can you see something that is not convenient. Plan to take your abdomen to send his paternal grandparents to to see what you do not have a car, you go home.

Quiet you often go into the sitting room thud down the sofa. I am in a hurry to bring cup water to cool out for you and put the bags into the store.

In a hurry too, I put my husband's bag on the table in a hurry. Suddenly, a beautiful gift box falling out made me incredibly happy. Inside is a necklace of gold attach to modern rock. However, when holding the plate up greeting cards read, the truth about her husband's 10-20 gift box made me dead silence ...

"Congratulations on October 20 I love you. Hopefully, this gift will help you always have fun and think. You'll soon catch you about living together. Please secure maintenance of pregnancy and wait until we're reunited, please? ".

Picture 1 of Dead silence with the true gift box 20 the secret of her husband's bag Photo 1 of Dead silence with the true gift box 20 the secret of her husband's bag

Each of the words appear as tears wet I argue. He dedicated the gift 20/10 that for a woman, not me. Photo illustrations.

Each line of text appears as the tears I flush, wet argue. Maybe you're hiding secret I Tay family. I'm your wife, my son's son, why do you still have a baby with another woman?

I am in a hurry to bring Valentines that put down the desk waiting for an explanation from him. But he looked at me with guilty eyes and then said: "tonight you're not up on your mother pick me to eat because I had a problem with a woman and there is an error with your child. She was bleeding and he hastily put her emergency but was late. I'm so tired, really sorry. He will soon resolve everything, but let him rest. This is all your fault ".

The words he says as each cứa to the center of knife clamp can hurt. He has a secret relationship with another woman which does not let me know. So he had lived died faithful love only me. He promised me how much things as determined by to be married to me. So that, little external temptations you dare you oppose me in pain like this.

On October 20 of people happy in the United States presents and I'm officially white night in tears anger. Just close your eyes as I thought of the scene you are collectively the Wal with another woman, you're far from your mother to come with them. I have to do to get rid of the feeling of hate, this pain? What to do for revenge again betrayed the mother of my child? Please advise to help me!=

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