Deciphering the secret of the dream

Many people believe that sleep is a waste of time, and the dream happen for the sleeping process less waste. The dream appears not to be in control of your sleep deep yet occurs after about 90 minutes of sleep begins. However, experts still have not found a solution as to why people are dreaming.

The experts said that the dreams are results of the aspects related to the neurological status and behaviour in daily life. It is believed that 64% of the dreams are related to status anxiety, anger or sorrow, 18% is excitement, fun, and just 1% in relation to the sex instinct naturally.

The American psychologist, particularly Sigmund Freud, who was a pioneer in the field, believe that the dream-filled photo staff galleries and is the window go to the status of our subconscious. In fact, the interpretation of the dream which is the inherent characteristic of psycho-analysis-method used to focus on the strength of the subconscious and emotional inhibition.

These feelings have in dreams can reflect a true personal characteristics of the dreamer as well as situations that people encounter in everyday life. Through dreams, people can feel paranoia, insecurity, love, jealousy, panic and other emotional state for the neural status expression of that person.

There are many professional psychologist research science of sleep, and you can visit the website to find out more about storage solution to some specific dream. Maybe there is relatively full knowledge repository so you can understand my own dreams.

Dream of you revealing your current mood=