Discover the age of the Buffalo in 2014

Identify the age of the Buffalo:

Born: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2010Bring good luck color: blue, yellow, greenLucky numbers: 1, 4Lucky flowers: tulips, narcissus

Table of compatible, carving of the Buffalo in 2014:

Does not meet many obstacles, obstacles, plus a count of how hardworking, patient and reliable, Buffalo can reach values in the first Sino-Japanese year. Towards a simple lifestyle, Buffalo rarely do complex chemical problems and always keep her serene head. This is considered strong, but sometimes becomes a weakness because they afraid of change, sometimes proved bigotry though understand that his flaws. Another aspect to be noted, that is loyalty-featured Buffalo's virtues, the most recent false belief can spot will cause you to be disappointed.

This is also the year of the Buffalo to carry laptop backpacks onto the road, experience the exciting travel itinerary not only gives you the knowledge but also blessed in friendship, love.

2014 also gives you the opportunity to express their ideas, their perspectives, strong confidence in advance. Use your imagination, your creativity is the way to turn dreams into reality. In the time between, you may encounter some difficulties in career stability, but through this moment, all right. Lucky fellow, but don't let the tempers for time makes you lose the opportunity.

The years with Buffalo this year is Bad, Crowns, stems. In contrast, the age and the year of Horse, the smell is engraved.

The nature

Buffalo is the second largest animal in the portal, and like those old Ty, those born in the year of the Buffalo usually has the powerful and outstanding personality. They are the ones who have the resolute stance and believes that the path to success is hard work.

The age of the lunar new year is durability and the attempt to bring the comfort and stability for themselves and their families. Imagine the scene a Buffalo are plowing disposal on board, you will have a clear view about the age of the Buffalo.

Slow and steadfast with impressive power, this increases the more the admiration for Buffalo. That is the reason why Buffalo is the symbol for the patience and perseverance.

If you were born the following year, you will take essential Buffalo: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

The health

In General is the age of the Buffalo is powerful and people in good health should be lived. However, that also depends on the attempt to achieve their success.

They often tend to work too much and do not allow yourself to relax.

Thus, the age of the Buffalo should take advantage of the opportunity to participate in those activities not related to work to relieve stress at work.

Hard to come up with work, Buffalo can forget health care. Take more interest to itself by the exercise, sensible eating, balanced between work with private life, it is the effective way to avoid the disease.

Career and finance

The age of the Buffalo is often effective and durable work to achieve his goals. They love the job has repetitive and will subject those steps have been proposed.

They also pay attention to the little details and have sturdy work style, forget his sacrifice. The age of the Buffalo tend to work more effectively if they are allowed to work alone.

Ability plus the lucky, Buffalo has a favorable business year. Get more attention, sponsors, the good reviews of the upper level, you have the opportunity of a career wide open. However, be cautious when standing before the money, otherwise you will suffer bad or trouble with the law. In addition, the recalcitrant can cause you to not make decisions at the right time, leading to lost opportunities. Keep a spirit of openness, flexibility, you will succeed.

Investment in good quality, determination and no complains helped Buffalo may be promoting a management role, leadership. If you think to find a new job, this is also the time of the match. However, the most important thing to you this year is more prepared for the match, avoid doing "busy" at the time. If you are considering the purchase of homes, it is also the appropriate year.

Sex Tutty

Buffalo generates loyalty, hard. Who is reliable, you is for your partner. However, the "rough" accidentally prevent you sometimes somewhat tedious, monotonous in your eyes. Attempts to "Add Spice" for living emotionally important. If you love someone, don't be hiding in the heart, feelings frankly speaking out, and he will give you the opportunity. For those of you looking for a half, January, June, August and September is the special time of the match. 2014 is the year many advantages in the friendship of the individual age of the Buffalo. When discovered the object comments, Buffalo will not miss the chance, and luck is successful will smile with you. The relationship move on to a new stage, "love bouncing loc growth", to bring you the happiness.

An advice for you: don't let the third person affect the relationship. The blind jealousy makes you fall into the control status "half" too tight, causing the relationship. The busy time of year, you can forget to take the time to care your partner (lover), leaving them alone.

The age of the Buffalo was irreconcilable with the team environment. They are not sociable and rarely participate in group activities. And when you are in contact with someone, they also do not like to talk crap and not a waste of time to flirt with other people.

Once you have found half of themselves, they will devote themselves to life and that help them become the faithful spouse. Unfortunately, because of the age of the Buffalo people tend to steer, arrogant and blame other people, so their relationship can oscillate.

They must understand that a relationship requires two people and two perspectives. And when understand it, a good relationship is entirely possible.

The age of partnerships

The age of the Buffalo with the age-old Ronan Took and old Ty=