Do not amount to 'turn back' to prove himself not ... crazy!

(Phunutoday)-it is true that I have yet to have my husband, I've spent my life marriage, but so does not mean the person is.

> Insult each other about virginity, then to the way done?

Love fly. Oil painting-Chagall

I don't like controversy, as controversy about the story of waste, so expect the siblings understand is what you write is not arguing right and wrong at all, I just feel that should explain some unnecessary misunderstandings. Firstly I answer Only you: I really haven't read carefully what I wrote, I do not understand well written. I did not praise the man that is "have integrity wholesale" and not cast aspersions on the woman's sister was bad. I'm just saying they lack confidence in that anger and verbal waste. They are angry because they feel offended, that is what the people write there is a part of the truth that they are not acceptable.

So, if what the sick, teach life bullshit that written out with no influence, no relation, nothing of interest, there is little reality would then why those women that feel offended? Why are they angry? Why they reviled? Not because they lack confidence, they dare not face the fact that they also have the easygoing, somewhat lacking in tenacity, is somewhat less confident just like that? So they strove to "turn" back to main power off, they feel that it's the lunatic and themselves not so. I'm not wrong? She Why Meteor: I know you've gone, not yet understood, the unknown, "have not experience anything"? Can age life less than her sister, but does not mean she has to go, understand, know more. That no one dare where she. It is true that I don't have my husband, I've gone through married life, but so does not mean the person is.

Sure, you have to understand is that in life marriage not only 2 people!

Human nature is like sharing, but rather mourn, cry is, women that demand higher than what many times, without noticing that instead of passing laments blame, one can use that time to think how to solve the problem.

One can not change others but can change the tune himself. So, why don't you dare "mouth"? Because I dare think, I dare to do, dare for electricity with yourself, then why don't you dare say?

The life there is like, the face, but each has only one face, if she does not do complex thinking and her life over, most everything is simple!=