Do not take your wife for being the son of Nam Dinh in Hanoi

I was born and grew up in a well-off family in Nam Dinh city. My mother's doctor also claims I am a teacher at the school, the land has Become. The rigorous education of parents to children learning right from young should the University exam for me nothing is difficult. I do 2 major University's Academy of finance and law. I choose the school finance because that is also my hobby.

The fourth year of University I met and loved children-a daughter Hanoi beautiful original and incredibly cute. I always tender before the resentment sometimes is storage. Our love in the morning and disinvestment.

Know each other are 1 time I decided to learn carefully about family who love to get the best preparation for the October launch of her parents. I know your family but not rich but also well-off class of Hanoi. Her parents are both original and Hanoi is the retired University lecturer.

First, a son is a field as I have reservations section and run Cork POPs before the questions of parents who love. Exposure 2 is very polite, sociable but I still remember what the strokes never loom as know I was born and raised in the South. Then wiggle stories also help I lost the feeling of fear of fear before entering her home port.

First my family thought to my lover's heart (artwork)

The time elapsed is also impervious to escape more than a year, the number of times I come to visit my family more than lovers. I've been very quiet the mind when thinking of the future perspective has been a family ideal wife, is for my little family. But I doubt ...

After school I was employed at a bank in Makati and I'm officially employees of the national airline in Vietnam. Although the work pressure, always busy with the business trips abroad constantly but I often ask to visit her parents, health and of course don't forget the gift each time through play.

When the income was stable, I decided to buy a home right in the heart of the city and planned her procession of dinh. The day I came home she wanted to confess was retrieved children wife then I don't doubt it's dark days of my life.

Step into her house with clothes and order 1 gift box prepared in advance. Her parents out to open me into the House. That day looking at the attitude of 2 your doctor is no longer the same as always. Two official said to me: "well, today I want to tell you about this: two very sincerely love you for my daughter. But sorry I do not agree to the wage relationship of this coast. My daughter is not going to get you to do her husband. I just forget it and look for another daughter with his nephew's scene. "

I really feel very lyrics before the stunned gently but not horizontal lightning disasters. And the more I can not understand why my scene is considered inappropriate.

With self-esteem, face of a man, I'm still happily softly: "well, if I had to say so I'm allowed to get out of", though in my heart at that pain like cutting. A blatant truth is her family did not agree for me was taking children from long ago but because their manners too subtly, that I don't realize.

Then 1 time I cut contact completely with you don't need to 1 explanation. When the average mind back I have heard the word of the truth of my heart. Turns out the day from the first of his frown decided all. Her mother forbids you not me, just because I was the son of Nam Dinh and has not been Defined is taking root as a child.

The Department of long-banned by her mother that her son, Nam Dinh is the famous Gypsy, gambling and conspiracy ready to achieve the goal. Moreover, her love affair with 1 son, Nam Dinh torn between the burden only because this person cheated on her when fishing 2 hands. She said that to me I will gauge my whole life. She only lets me get the Hanoi. With her new son eligible to get em.

I hear the words of mind the truth of the girl I love that feel. Sad for her mother's childish concept and more sad when ever I still think of her parents in the high intellectuals in the society will realize where is the good bad man. But because of the love for children too large I decided to fight with the mother coming along to be retrieved.

Know their identities not be mother to accept but I still regularly appears at her house. I graciously asking each her parents sick even though there are times I am persecuted, being shunned by the tamper to the self-esteem of a child who:

"You don't, Navy tried to get me to have. Don't have a magic wand to mold that truck alloy wheels son "or as" English school, parents can also learn, why you don't understand the problem I was told. Go, Hanoi people like me never welcome him into this House ".

Even for the love, I was ignoring all those harsh words, I was kneeling down before her parents: "I'm your doctor out of affection for them. We can not far from each other ". In return for my patience is scary pejorative attitude: "never, country boys that necessitates taking daughter city? I thought that you buy a House, get a job in the Hanoi land that I agree. I was wrong! Go to never appear in front of me ".

All my efforts have not helped me convince her mother. I attempted my first love breakup in the suffering and now regret.=