Don't make money then don't require

(Phunutoday)-who is economically active, the people have the right to be proactive about everything else. Your husband is the only person to earn money for his family, so he has the right to allocate the spending he money of his discretion ...

Photo illustrations Hello Lienhuong131.
Read the Center 's sister that I feel the news instead of her sister's husband. Because of this she totally was the fault, but intentionally blame towards her husband. I highly recommend real sister, my sister please excuse my husband as soon as possible, otherwise you will lose a great husband.
In addition, you should review myself, don't rely on the pretext to evade responsibility for his family, and making money is a private responsibility of the husband. Go ask the promotion not to be, I thought she must be out earning money is hard work as to how that cherish the coins of her husband earn about. Over here you know and spend waste, carried away to his father, like that of her sister's husband is not crazy then the novelty. My sister thought she new women, new birth ? This ½ world is a woman, then why are they still lay, raising children, go to work and earn extra money to help her husband, anxiety for the family, and she then ate at home clutching a baby? I don't find funny. Men and women now have equality, she demanded equal the home, arrested the man must also wash the bowl, cooking rice, instead of diapers for the baby, the sister also out making money are not spilled to her husband to make money I shall be sitting home enjoy the results.

Photo illustrations Modern women are now different, they must not take the health of my husband, but also are even piling work at home and with her husband even piling it in the family. That's a good woman, perfect, while her older sister, she is not yet perfect. Should know received errors to progress, and to her husband's peace of mind, don't perpetuate this situation lest "the elder also jump off the rope," gauge.
I also do not support the way some readers suggest she where divorce, like showing you who is shallow, don't know who know him. Because look at current practice, to ourselves don't afford her sister sister, how to feed her and secured life for it. Moreover, the divorce then she grab something to eat, to live, and raising children. She thought carefully, society without money, whether there exist or not?!.
In my opinion, in the family or outside, too, who actively on economics, the people have the right to be proactive about everything else. Your husband is the only person to earn money for his family, so he has the right to allocate the same spending money according to his idea, because that is his money. He can buy gifts for Dad or for his nephew, you have no right to interfere. You also don't blame why you buy presents for cousin, father courtesy monthly money also my nephew, my dad never got through? Because when this question you should ask yourself, does the money have to make by you or your husband make?. If he's to make money then you let him have the right to decide what criteria, does not target something, don't compare yourself to turn the envelope becomes a poorly in front of your husband. You ever earn money, asserting yourself, did not earn do not have the right to speak up. Hoangtienvn ...