Ex-girlfriend claiming self if we do not break up

I'm with you girl I love is 1 time, can say we love each other very much. The two both we are in school, children learn to associate in a field near his home, while I was studying in a vocational school. We know each other through a friend and love quickly flourish then. I also intend, when both studies probably finished, will take her about launches and would like to marry her.

But lately her former boyfriend has phoned and then crying and begging her to come back. He also threatened if she loves anyone other than him then will suicide, he has bought are sleeping pills.

My girlfriend also insisted that she did not see him for a long time and also no longer emotionally with him at all. I believe her. But she said he understand, that he never heard her parents, just listening to her come on so she could not leave him suicide is attempted should go back to him and say goodbye to me.

I also know him for a long time, I know he is a good person. But he has a bad perception is he can go play, love with many other girls but she is not so because she is just his own.

Photo illustrations.

And maybe that was the cause that he demanded a suicide knowing me with her love. I also understand that if he really committed suicide, then maybe my girlfriend will regret for life. But I also don't want to lose the girl that I love, so I see her look terrible too.

To listen she wished me happy that my heart sharp pain, she can be happy when returning his party, that really made me paying. Yesterday her up my school, she wanted to see me last time when I was her boyfriend. We've been together, she says she will do all that I wanted (but don't exceed the limits because I respect her).

At that time my mood really really empty, I want time to stop drifting to her with me, but also to her about school and return to his party. He was waiting for her from you guys today. Look at her in the car that I dare you not to let go of her hand, I hurt her too.

I have to drag her back to her, I love her but I don't want to act like you're so pathetic and weak. Saying so doesn't mean that I don't dare do like him but my life can't do I dispose of because I'm not the person who created it, to do so is an error with the Messiah born into me, and can also make her uncomfortable folding hundreds of times.

Now what do I do to solve this. Looking forward to come to me for advice, I'm very confused and awkward.=