'Exhausting' when her husband's patient brochure

When you say you go and I beg you two weeks to rethink all children have not. He never treated me like everyone! He is always considerate, thoughtful, concerned children thoroughly, but recently when I came out of his past he has shocked and scream "I can not accept this".

I don't know how to do in this situation.

It happened seven years ago, when it was her student, you're naive. I don't know nothing about love and have not once been in love. Then I met you-than I am 7 years old, the people of the city. Also because of the thoughtful care considerate of you should just after 6 months of love each other we were going to decide the marriage registration.

When the two parties accept family, we were living together. One look at the happy children praise, also derive conditional husband have stable jobs. Even someone saying "For you, what is the pioneer for the class himself married to the city". I'm also thrilled to think life will always pink.

Doubt, real happiness. After only 3 months, then clean the closet then discovered he undertook with a history of mental illness. Look at his patient, I panic. I decline to call home, I highly recommend you keep calm resolve. She also said it is past, he's still very loving children, no problem at all.

Children of silence, grief, seal him inside. And indeed as my mother says, you're still interested, thoughtful and loving does not signify anything. When I eventually forgot about the consultation book it, he gives me a new pain called adultery. The woman he went is a middle aged Sisters.

When I asked, you said you really are in love. I'm too young and do not know the dimensions. I was crying so much, my first love, why back pain? Why real that must get "bitter fruit". I did take 3 months, accept and then we parted in tears. He came up with the new situation.

From then, until the out of school children do not clown love with anyone. My heart has broken chips, arid. I can not open with anyone anymore, the men flirt just gives me the feeling of panic, fear.

Graduation, I abandoned the dream is going to have a life where affluent urbanites to live at home with parents about. Then I met you, gentle Ridin naivete. Warm your heart have you cold, lonely. He showed me how to love and sincerity. Here I find myself incredibly happy.

And then I knew she pregnant, when I puzzled hesitation he took your hand and promised me to go the remaining distance node. He said, I am happy and welcomed this child of them children. When you see the sincerity, I cried. In moments of happiness, I've been pleased about past pain I've ever experienced, then suddenly you're staring.

He said "Why not tell him when you love each other. Why did you sign you Tay family. Registered marriage is meant the children had a life of her husband. Parents know what they will say. Telling the truth like this, he could not accept this. You ... you're really bewildered immensely ".

I was crying and said "are you our child stars".

"You don't catch you leave the baby, I will welcome it. I will marry you, but your past makes you hurt and hard to accept. He is not sure of his later life will happiness. I don't know how you live when parents were people gossip "-I said shut up about.

I was crying a lot, affordable children too honest? Affordable too zany telling all he had gone through with him. But if you don't talk, when marriage registration you will know the truth and blame me too. How much more terrible still is not.

You know I still love you, but because he was too shocked should not be acceptable. Now I have to do? I truly love this man, I just want him to forgive and accept for the past mistakes you missed. Please give me an advice to Sir!=