Finger says what?

Thumb comes up what?

Big thumb commonly found in those frenetic work and somewhat stubborn. They are self, owner of high energy levels and control yourself closely. If the thumb bent toward the Palm, who has a bit of a cold, indifferent and distant. The thumb beyond expressing this who have generous nature.

Finger says many things about your personality.

Fingers bend back easily shows that person as openness and generosity-ready gotten rid of the ego, for everyone. However, if the thumb oặt really behind, its owner would probably have problems of health-this syndrome named Hitchhiker thumb.

The remaining fingers on the hand mean?

The length and file size of one's fingers can tell them in the intellectual type, emotional or even physical bias.

Want to know the finger is long or short, it should compare them with the Palm of the hand. Usually, the longest finger (usually the middle finger) will in 7/8 length the Palm. If this long fingers with the Palm, you have long fingers; If less than 7/8 palms, fingers are for short.

The long fingers shows this is the person or worry. However, they are exquisite, lovingly, polite style. Short fingers often belong to the impatient but creative, can have high demand for it. If the pointed finger, you are the goodwill, benevolent, to the slightly thinking.

Fingers to indicate this is the physical bias. If your fingers are long, slender, you type in the feelings, can sometimes be aggressive. Medium short finger medium thickness indicates the owner can easily express his emotions.=