For the money, I have to 'go to bed' with the value for old parents

Off the second year of College, I followed the movement to make more jobs, to improve the lives of students, helping parents back home help support burden for me to 3 more years. These days Internet hunting, I finally found the care of garden plants at the request of the owner.

Immediately the next morning I find to address, it is a villa with modern architecture, surrounded by a garden with many trees, exotic flowers and luxury. Next to me was a woman stood old, she said the work is not hard power because in addition to me is also a big old maid. Song requires skilled, hardworking and wholeheartedly love the grass, flower leaves may do well.

Next to me was a woman has to stand age, she said the work is not hard skills

I confirmed his abilities have been, and are also said to her to know that I can help you a week 3 in the afternoon because of longer depending on my schedule at school. Fun hostess approved, she is still pleased me pay, rewarding if I stick with this job ...

Regularly a week 3 in the afternoon I have the time, diligence trimmed each leaf, each worm, pluck the grass and fertilizing the tree, the flower balm balm followed by your doctor to help. Last month, she checked her home satisfied should in addition to salary, according to the agreement, she also rewarded more for me some money. Through your doctor help me hostess has her husband and her two daughters, but they are in a foreign country to do business, every year they just about water with her a few times.

Mistress live here with the same time as her relatives. Then one day, your doctor makes about his homeland because there are hordes of death anniversary, just me working in the garden, until the driver has done. I kept her home for her birthday is today highly regarded, the word mistress I assured linger because I had few friends outside of her happy.

She hurries home I eat and then pouring a glass of red wine for me anymore. I refused because from childhood to now, I had never touched alcohol, but she came home security that's lightweight, non-alcohol, non-intoxicating.

Tan, I see people chếnh against, a strange feeling for breaking dawn hực, worthwhile, and then sucked her wealth she has turned me into a man on her silk velvet bed.

Money for her home I proportional to the "serve" my devotion for her.

From then after that day, I like to eat are mold charm, I immerse myself in the spoil of her uncle who had made those when the absence. Money for her home I proportional to the "serve" my devotion for her. And then I get the message the school suspended my studies because of the absence of too many lessons on lectures. I dare not tell my parents know, the price to pay for running love-lifestyle-money is the future is gradually closing before my eyes as if I don't escape and change themselves.=