Forced wife sex with daughter how would otherwise be divorced

More Tomorrow once brought a different girl and pressed me to a relationship with her, if not I will divorce, vo chong, he chong, li hon gai, wash the cover, plus ...

Since love budding we were faced with the pressure of society and family, when I step over the age of 36, has a life of her husband, not to have children, and I'm "Virgin" is only 26 years old, the economy also is not yet stable.

Mai is a successful woman and a field, and I was just an employee he quèn, between we have the great distances the seemingly impossible to pass, but I believe that his love will win it all. My mother says I will soon leave his wife because of the disparity to 10 years, while my dad then worry more successful then the wife would not treat her husband. But I think if we don't take tomorrow I won't get one, also tomorrow just wanted to love that does not want to marry. But she suggested we live together. That is the condition to decide the marriage . I have accepted.

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From when, our love for each other was not enough to make peace? (Artwork).

What the live test is a shock for people, but it took off very sweet as newlywed couple, the same care and caress each other, so after 3 months, we decided to go to marriage, but not organized noise, which is quite discreet.

But the real drama started rekindled since the wedding night, when Mai just go and cry, don't let me touch the person, before that I think respect should never intend Tomorrow, but now as husband and wife but Mai expresses the nature does not like to close with a man , probably due to her past, should I also actively turns people away, the next day with the same script.

Until one day, the friend of my appointment Tomorrow out cafe and confided, she started talking about the tragedy of the Mai with ex-husband, Mai has constantly been on the bed and violence that became the obsession makes her scared. Injured wife, I suggest be taken her psychological test to find the best solution but she refused cause I also suffer losses do not know what to do.

Everything was abated for a time, the Mai started washing her swings. She began to care me more, more to the point I feel stuffy. The call of her increasingly only revolves around what I where to go, what to do, with whom, why now not about ... I try sympathizing with her, but when everything is too limited, I found myself crazy and didn't even want to go home.

Truth hurts when I could not make the woman you love to feel the peace. Mai I control, I accept. She is tortured, I also tried to resist. But when she leads a girl about to do it with me, I'm really angry. I leave the House, leave the message, call her to apologize. Only when her mother crying begging me back, I'm angry back compression. We returned to our lives as before. Sometimes I want to ask Tomorrow a child? I laugh just her happy, because I know if said, adding she'll Chanh long. We do not close, the stars can have a child.

But those peaceful days go quickly. The second time, Mai give another girl on and certain I must say "same" if not Tomorrow, she will divorce. Mai even said that this is the person that she is hard choice by this woman will give birth to me and tomorrow will nurture it.

Because Tomorrow did so with me, I also like to "persecute" back to her. Me agrees. We also on Mai out there, trying to listen and listening ear. Of course I didn't do the other girls, I try to create the sound that Mai wishes. Later, the couple's relationship we don't brake down the slope. Mai avoids me, I am also not talking to her, though still in love.

We live quietly, sometimes tormenting each other by bringing the other girls back home. From when, our love for each other was not enough to make peace?=

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