You go home birth for days that have challenged as mother-in-law?

I 27 years old, married for two years and has just born baby girl was 2 months. In 2 years, yet when I find myself to be living. At present I'm depressed and deadlock with this life that have yet to find a way out for himself. I share his story up here, hopefully get useful tips of the sisters.

The day I married, who also told me good numbers to get the boys (over 1 year old husband) back home is the 1, son Hanoi, later spoiled that enjoyment. I also secretly proud of ourselves for having found a husband like that.

So that when the new real life know about fatigue. Her husband, temperament doesn't know what good husband, he worries, the husband's mother attempted to dry Sage hanh yanked yelled at all day, mother-in-law, the Council again just very conservative things ... Oh, my life!

When the wedding about, I still learn 2 so we decided to plan the sons until I finished school. Moreover, difficult life so I don't want to have children at this time. The husband then did the security guard for a Bank, and I only do the Administration for small companies, the income of less than 10 million each month. If the children into the unknown would deprivation to.

The plan is that the grandmother of Max on the ball the wind urge sons, urge not to be, she turned to say toxic "there when the Gospel was a dud's socks this then should also!" heard that news, but I'm also not the attitude.

Then she go buy something about getting water I drink, that is not what both North and South, the medication just to know you just drink on is to have children right away but the son again. Many do not want offended she should have to pretend to drink a little and then bring on the room, and then select that pour at her trip to that country. It's hard to bear his mother's mouth with her husband.

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Study done, I begin to drop to have children and good luck is right, then we have good news. Thought she would expect the grandson to take care of the bride seats. Here, she remains indifferent, cold as if not what happened.

Even, from the secret vote she demanded I play more money for her because I eat better. During the secret vote I has never been mother-in-law asking half the lyrics. Many believe her at right so, I birth she will love you. So that ...

Chain on depression persists, think back of the time 1 months of birth that I reside in hell for dark. New born baby was six days, I had to drag the market down to time to buy. Remember that she should not go mad help me market.

But she's so conservative, who has just finished her birth daughter make melon soup pot to General said, I am afraid to eat, she angrily told globe States "there is nothing that feed, there diet that anyone die! The next day like to eat what to purchase for satisfaction ".

Thought she said next that her angry cold mother's shelf. I have no new poles to go to market. To most of the other questions people snatch "Stars out early...". Sure, I never forget that day.

His wife then bear warm memories, there are also husband with Yes rushing through conversation. So do protect should time ca working overtime finishing, Kip is chồngcắm electronic input, don't know who wife who anymore. So for his arranged in what's not .between husband share half the lyrics. Think extreme body know that marrying the village for Hanoi, which do nothing!

In the Cabinet are 1, then I be about Foreign Affairs in Hai Duong countdown each day. also, fun and found myself slightly bẫng because as the most horrible place to escape. That came in when new commute to Hanoi to people in his hometown of additional support. So that just about a month, the grandmother called up, not give in anymore for fear of bringing the irresponsible. Though not want bit but I also have to listen to.

Thought she would expect me, remember how, on me of everything ball mess to contempt. My room Cup of green mold, bed wet, stinking room then the thick dust. See that disappointment. I know about that she with her nor could you move over to welcome children.

My husband goes there muttering: "don't know what type, know about that also does housekeeping clean!". Go far also won't break, I plunge into the home, the grandmother told me stories, fussy "is there anyone here where the dirt that cleaning the seats that, K it's all below, have a bed!".

I look for a minute that she criticizes you sexually harass pout, in House Foreign Affairs have, which crashed damaged, and then for what kind of lies that defeated all top ... Just tired, just mad I say body bags back again: "I like it, I don't know how!". Her shadow identity emerged, only that she blamed me a tam Peng "home birth for days that have challenged mother woke her husband, on which this House clean, in for all".

Memories to weep but because the thought of his daughter, think of the word mother told him: "get married, the new husband is his family" I tried calming to continue taking the child. Don't know the abstinence of I was resistant to when? But really I don't know how to live in the place that I never considered him family. Does anyone have a way to help me escape this hell!=

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