Grim fate when I and my mother's husband 'four pulse action'

He has followed me for so long and then, from the day I was her student years 2. But that's not the feelings because then, I had a lover. He was the guy, his religion, his parents do to. I though is in the province but also not inferior, my parents also are public servants of the State, good job, good income.

Forbidden to marry because "age" with her husband, the mother will sạt.

Although I know people love but you persevere more girls falling hearts this guy but he doesn't love anyone but me. But when I listen to parting lovers, perhaps, he is most welcome.

At that time, only he is the person next to me, comforted me with less sadness. The sincerity and enthusiasm you have made me feel. According to chase, and in the shuttle more than half a year, he was officially conquered me. It is time I am a student of the third year.

Love is something students love beautiful, romantic and dreamy. In General that, I feel extremely happy. I was interested, care uk as Queen. The more love I felt as he is a great man, nothing I've spent emotional for him. Love each other until the out of school, go to work for two years, he decided to take me on. I also hesitate because not confident in myself and never want to bind. But now, the years have also come, I also want to go home, people love watching the family you, loved you.

That day probably is also a pretty important to me. I dress nice, extravagant prepare launches home lover. Heard rich home, parents should rights officials also must Chin chu, I chose the dress beautifully. As planned, I easily cause is sympathetic to the opposite. Indeed, parents seem very interested for me in form, eating said. My home is only slightly further away should they still hesitated.

The real fun is, find a beautiful daughter, a talented back in Hanoi is not hard with him. But just so on the envelope as well, have not called love. He has chosen me, then I do not calculate and compare. You also know the background of the House I should not bother. My parents are also very comfortable and endearing guy.

He and I thought moving out eyes is successful and soon we will be married. But unbelievably, after knowing my age, parents who stand up. His mother said, he was not certain of the age, "the four passengers, business failure. Married daughter of that age with carved back then mother-in-law this sạt home.

His mother also brought my age go ask a teller, the master also judges were thriving, eating should do, if the dose of married to the son that her age is not as long as the family destroyed. Married years would then marry rather than absolutely not be married as I age.

The working capital, the Director of the mother, father, teacher. In General, you should protest if my mother's parents, I dare not say anything. Because before you think, I'm too great, no complaints, parents will agree because her parents are also easy-going. But one doubt, something work it back into complexity. If have fallen in the deal of your mother is actually, hardly protested.

Now his mother asked him to break me, because not accepting it retrieved daughter-in-law not age. You can't argue, and I don't have the right to argue, because this affects both a career and not normal, I suffer, I am also suffering no less, we do not know what to do. You loved me, I also love him immensely, also does not want to love anyone anymore. So that, my mother didn't accept me then what do I do? I saw a British trade and Commerce for the doomed. I don't know what to do now!=