Guts after a night of love

It is one of the worst days in my life to now, immerse in the regretful belatedly, I'm not a person like that because the beer made me bite the twinge of conscience. I don't know what to do and how to behave themselves, written up here with the hope of getting the lines share from everyone, especially the wings you whiskers.

This year I am 25 years old, ever spent 3 affair, all ended because of the circumstances, we could not find a common way to work today, no work, then love died. I'm lucky the school earn stable and fast work on the payroll, not proud of themselves but also looks quite beautiful, are learning to eat properly. I'm not really tender but a funny, funny should be strong, please the majority friends trust and endearing.

I used a double relation with the third boyfriend, because you are a Western person should sex stories can not occur. To me, sex comes from love is normal, nothing worth the xẩu Tiger. I also don't think I surrender all, simply two soul harmony. I also don't mind if his future husband lost virginity. To me, sympathy and new share is important, if not accept, I don't want to get married.

The story will not be told if on that I do not say, this happens when I'm ham, not keep the behavior when drunk. I truly feel like his colleague guy, he has a wife, not gu but bad things happen to you just made me feel regretful and hate yourself. After that he still cares and teased me in front of my wife when she came to the Agency. He is willing to do everything for me.

I'm not so guys, apologized to her and to repudiate him later that night. But his bad feeling to go to bed with people who do not love keep haunting. I didn't intend it but the circumstances do not keep when drunk. He still cares and call me 20 to 30. I was stating the views as "crash" and viewed as nothing, termination, require no texting, not calling, even name-calling but you see as not hearing me.

I also find him kind, also taking the emotional for me more than my wife. I want to cry to wash off memories of the bad things, do not know whether there are any generous man accepts woman as I am? Are looking forward to getting the real sharing, especially from who you whiskers. I will never let the same thing happen, conscience does not allow to do so.=