Her husband neglected the 'it' with me because he is 'rice fair, wife of sugar'?

The mother, mother would fall into the same situation. What is this, your husband is driving the long line for a transportation company. British company transporting goods from the port of Haiphong on the South, every week I get two days off to go home.

However, the times would go home he also only sleep, you don't look what time to his first wife. Many times, I deliberately proactive aggression, with myself.

Whether by profession so my husband doesn't want to close themselves, or do you "fair rice, sugar wife"?

His pride never requires any more but still hậm hực too. I doubt its going to eat "noodle" outside. However, your companion with you affirm her husband very hard. I love you 6 new year should understand you more or less wedding. I don't dare say is absolute but believe me with himself he was still faithful men.

There are times, I blame you, im getting past the anger he just said one sentence "despite hurricanes what Newt, you're on to me". I don't know how this sentence should understand. I demanded he explain, the uk infertility just to say "I trust you then believe, don't make me tired".

The driving you do, their fear of the wrong per li, go one mile should dare not pressuring me. Fun time, I ask you somewhat omission married story, he just laughed for days and then back to the PM's wife but also just "little ti" is. He no longer form as before. Chanh long thought pleasing her 33 years old, probably not her husband was satisfied male.

Every time you do it, you're always to themselves and their dimensions before

Themselves to the doctor asked about the psychology of his case, he advised her calmly, so her husband can influence of occupation, many should not want to close my wife. However, he also psychology experts reassure yourself that he may his Township work pressure, long distance driving very stressful should not really mind what with my wife about that.

Every time you do it, you're always to themselves and their dimension before. See my wife on top before, he just thững to the top later. Themselves upset, because only vập mallet.

I've repeatedly confided to him about thinking, about my longing, but he didn't say anything, still listening, and then go back to sleep hugging back, never speak his thoughts. As I said think about bedding is good too.

I have to do, though he says not to betray his wife but not open with my wife about that. Though other experts say his career but also in doubt. Her husband should have examined male faculty? I tell you to go visit the South, sure he will very upset?=