Her husband's painful story of charity grace with old people to listen

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I'm 26 years old this year, my husband than I was four. He is the man of poise but also very patriarchal and fastidious. The couple I married was 10 months. Before becoming husband and wife we've had time to learn each other over 2 years. In the time in love, I don't ask my husband about the affair in his past.

He is also very respectful and don't pry nothing the past. However, I also heard is he has a girlfriend , before coming to you. But the past is the past forever, I do not want curiosity should not also ask you about the "old man".

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Her husband's painful story of charity grace with old people to listen.

Married life son of us very fullness. He however had little difficult but a PM's wife, embrace and accept both have the interests of the children. The couple I live very respect each other's privacy, there is no record for story or see the messages the phone . I have only occasionally borrowed only computers to go online, surfing the web.

One day accidentally children on his computer hard drive and found there folder should open the curious image view. I was very shocked to see you still save images 2, 3 ex in his computer. Though very sad but I think anyway that was the past, the children should be respected, so I try to keep calm and not say anything to him about this.

For the next several day ago, when the couple closer together, screamed he confided to me about relationships with his former girlfriends before. He told me about the first love affair, love affair Monday, Tuesday. In which a girl friend named h. has very deep feelings, heavy with him. He also told British and meticulous he has bruised relations intense grace how, how often, how many people have ideas what to experience sex in games, how does the desire ...

I also have suggestions with him anyway this is also the story of the past, I don't want to know too much about the past of you avoid the situation after this obsessed. You also said you just want you to know all about you, about the affair before to I don't doubt you, now you have only yourself you and love you.

I heard my husband say it also felt comforted somewhat, but in the hearts of children still feel the pride and head bouncing around just thinking about this, we'd rather didn't know then know and weighs in.

Those working today mind you keep to that. I fret, paying about what my husband ever since. I don't understand why your husband did so. There are emotional for me has faded and he no longer respect you again? Or the level of desire and passion of my wife not by ex-lover should he have the comparison and cry out?

Or in what now you still sorry to the old man? People still often said "the fish are big", there are those at the party his wife that he still thought the old man to the motor, especially when husband and wife have private moments together.

On this earth there is not his wife would like to hear her husband's fellatio with others especially ex-girlfriend. I don't blame anything I ever had a lover before getting married. Everyone has a past and the past should cherish, preserve, is the past. But, respectfully, keeping does not mean he can prompt with my wife about the memories of charity grace along the old lover. Things that are valid only with her husband's own and that person rather than to the wife, since no woman would want her husband not belong to themselves.

Like you, I also have a focus in the past love . But I've kept it on a very small compartments in the heart when about to you. And I don't want to tell you. By don't have the husband, the wife would find fun, comfortable love stories of the past just now about in his life.

My life is my choice. He chose me and I chose him. Then what excuse can you think about people love most about old memories deep sheltered privacy for so make you Chanh long please?=

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