Her tears fall love story cops and criminals

I am 30 years old this year, has a wife and a son. Right I was the life called the rehabilitation or because I flee from his fate.

Everything started when I met her, the police changed my life.

Days ago I was viewed as capital, also has a "brother" and underwrite the problem. I have a pawn shop. I also hand swords, knives, hammers ... until police showed her.

Her tears fall love story cops and criminals.

I love Milan right from the first sight, when to meet me in the evenings, the small silhouette main chasing pickpockets name (this is not yet known when the police, because children often wear uniforms).

I was turning a blind eye when I see absurd catch the thief then left hook for the money for it, for the reason he stole his mother's ill health. I know you've been fooled, because as soon as you go, then you're happy together they divide the money has just earned from children.

The ball eventually hid in when I hasn't acquainted, then the afternoon wandering around expecting to see her shape.

Times from the two meet is when you run under the car to give me my wallet accidentally dropped where the grocery store.

Then I followed the children to invite the feast with the reason the reward. After a few times I know I meet also had feelings for me.

But my grief and I met in the next time that the police Union to the Inn to investigate a case.

Both silent said nothing, I of course also not captured because before that I had found the way to resolve things fairly peacefully. See, I know, and I can hardly get together.

And also after meet the fate, I. I look up to the police to confess and get some things before that I don't give the police know. In fact, on the one hand I want to "let go" the Gypsy blood in me, on the one hand, I want see you excuse, although I know, can in, I'm very disrespect me. And it happened, who interrogated me was the children.

Friendship and we finally were family. They came to meet me and asked me to leave. They say I do affect the future of your children. Your family will suffer "," If you love me, nI is the father threw the big boss in the police sector.

I understand what they say, also wants me to have the future, have the confidence to step forward whose career I pursue, I let go of my hand by the most ruthless, I went with another girl right in front of my eyes. Because the person has very high self-esteem should after the talk, I don't go back anymore time.

5 years later, I accidentally met in a restaurant. I took a baby boy. See me, I seem family and introduction: this is my son! I suffer and feel like there's ever stab herself in the heart and cowardice.

After the meet, the silhouette of you always present in me. During the past 5 years, I have to stay away from "Gypsy," the way I do tech workers for a company that trades right before that I attended. I have repeatedly tried to open my heart to receive the search, the times I failed. And every time, the photos I present in my heart.

Unable to resist his curiosity, I decided to learn about the lives of children. I have opened a small cafe, I asked a friend to that drink cafe. When met, and I just looked at each other in the second, then quietly said only three stories.

Then many times access to the cafe, I met you son even more. As looking boy, the more I feel this boy very familiar. Those without children at the nearby la with me, baby. Baby, tell me about your baby's Daddy: "Daddy's working far away, I haven't met your dad ever. Mom told dad coming back with me. I'm going to fast on dad with me good! "

I am tall people when listening to the lyrics very fond of the boy. Why not meet your dad ever?

The boy's sentence made me more curious and want to learn about the life of the mother. Turns out, during the past 5 years, I've never been married. I also got out of the police to protect the honor for claims when they say you are "not that girl have a baby".

Tens of thousands of questions in me made me have to guts to meet directly. Turns out, the baby is my son. I have extremely painful to think that my girl friend, leading to the cafe building is my wife.

Through hardships, I finally get to your side, there's my little son again, thousand times I thank you very much.

To me, that's old in real life, a dream I have been between on board.=